LOOK: This Architect Has Been Collecting Pokemon Toys for 15 Years Now!

Do you have a hobby? 27-year-old Vince Lubuguin does. Vince resides in Cabuyao, Laguna, and is a registered and licensed architect by profession. Architecture aside, though, he is also a proud Pokemon toy collector and toy photographer!

Vince started collecting Pokemon toys 15 years ago when he was still in grade school. Like many of us, Vince instantly became a fan of Pokemon when he first saw it on TV. “What I love the most about Pokemon is the character design and how they evolves into much cooler monsters,” Vince shares. “That made me want to ‘gotta catch em all’ by collecting them in the form of toy figures.”

Vince admits that his toys have been on display in shelves for a long time; but now, he has figured out a way to create something unique with his collection by taking photos of them as as if they were alive. His photos are adorable, don’t you think?

“I recommend collecting toys because I believe that we always have that kid inside of us,” says Vince. “It is fun to be around toys because it always reminds us of our childhood and makes us feel young and happy.” As a toy collector myself, I couldn’t agree more. “Toys are not only for kids, but for everyone to enjoy.”

Check out Vince’s Pokemon toy collection and photography on his social media accounts, as well!

Vince Lubuguin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonToyPhotography

Twitter: @viincephotos

Instagram: @viince

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