What I Learned from Manila International Book Fair 2016

One of my most anticipated events of the year has finally arrived–the 37th Manila International Book Fair or MIBF 2016. It’s already a tradition for me to attend the largest and pioneering book fair in the country. I’ve been attending for the past five years now and it has always been a thrilling experience to be surrounded by all these literature, so I keep coming back.

mibf-4A lot of people is an understatement for the attendance of MIBF 2016

MIBF 2016 is a 5-day event spanning from the 14th to the 18th of September. It was a very huge event for book lovers that it filled SMX Convention Center at Pasay on the weekend. MIBF also has co-located events as well like the Best of Anime 2016. MIBF 2016 is a gathering of local and international publishers from all over the country and there’s really no place I’d rather be during those days.

Here are some things I learned from MIBF:


5. Be on the look out for promos to go to MIBF


It was as if the universe was making ways for bookworms to go to MIBF 2016.

OMF Lit and Uber offered rides for MIBF 2016 goers by using the promo code “omflitMIBF2016.” I tried this but too bad it’s for first-time users only. 🙁

You’ll also need a ticket to enter the book fair. For adults, it cost 20 pesos. For students, faculty, librarians, senior citizens, and children below four feet, it was 15 pesos. I went to Fullybooked and asked for a free ticket in advance. I actually looked forward to their ticket design. This year, it was really pretty so I kept my free ticket and just paid 20 pesos for a ticket on the event.

Other publishers also released free tickets such as CSM Publishing, OMF Lit, and Adarna House (which also served as raffle entries for 5 exclusive art prints).



4. Keep calm and get a map

mibf-5Keep calm and swim through the sea of people

Now, when you’ve entered book heaven, try to get a map of the lay out of exhibitors. There were copies available at the Secretariat between the entrance of halls 2 and 3. It also had a directory of the 107 exhibitors. There were a lot going on MIBF 2016 like book signings, book awards, talks, forums, workshops, demos, book launches, and the 7th St Paul’s Bible Quiz Championship, so keeping a map and list of activities helped me be on top of my MIBF adventure.

mibf-2Look at who Ramon Bautista dragged for MIBF!

mibf-3Chico & Delamar! Huhu! :’)

3. Make a books bucket list

mibf-11A classic find! 😀

It’s also important to at least know the books you want. I often go to bookstores and spend time on Goodreads to keep myself updated with titles and authors. So when I went to the book fair, it was easier to look for them. But I’m also open to new discoveries so I basically circled around every alley at MIBF. That’s how I found the Lighthouse Bookstore and Christian Literature Crusade (CLC) a few years ago. Just walk around and, hopefully, you’ll find something that interests you.



2. Come to the fair with a friend…and A BUDGET.

It’s more fun if you have a book lover with you to have book discussions with. My friends helped me find books and evaluate my spending. You may get overwhelmed by all these books, graphic novels, and school supplies around you. There were books as low as 100 pesos. I also found a children’s book for 10 pesos. Fullybooked, OMF Literature, and other bookstores are also giving 20% discount on their items. But still, keep an eye on your budget.

mibf-7100 pesos lahat! Wow!

mibf-1010 peso children’s book! Yay! 


1. Books are Great Friends

I like to be around all these books. It’s like having a million friends, wrapped in paper and scrawled in ink.

― Melissa Grey

That may sound weird to some people but books are great friends. They keep you company in the absence of people. They are also good investments for the mind and the future. I want to have my own library in my dream home someday, so I went to MIBF to curate what will be on my shelves so that I can share my love of books to my friends, family, and also my future kids as well.


Also, if you don’t have time to read this week, don’t worry! You’ll have the rest of your life to read them! #SignsofaBookHoarder

But please, make time to read them. Let’s be faithful with the little that we have. #NotetoSelf


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

― Charles William Eliot

Remember these for next year. I hope you enjoyed your MIBF 2016 as I did.


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