Top 4 Sugoi (Amazing) Things from Best of Anime 2016

As a 90’s kid, Anime has been a huge part of my childhood. A daily routine for me was to go home from school to catch Dragon Ball Z and Ghost Fighter. Until now, I still watch anime and I can’t help but be amazed by the creativity of the animation studios to produce entertaining content. To celebrate my love for anime, I decided to go to Best of Anime 2016.

Best of Anime 2016, or BoA, was held last September 17 and 18 at the SMX Convention Center at Pasay City. On its 7th year, BoA had a great lineup of events like film showings, karaoke competitions, battle of the bands and cosplay competitions, to name a few. It was truly a haven for anime fans and Japanese pop culture enthusiasts.

So let’s recap the Top 4 sugoi (amazing) things at BoA 2016

4. The Merch


A lot of collectibles could be found at BoA 2016. From shirts to toys to pins to plushies. The list went on and on. As anime fans, they are total must-haves. Some of the items even came from Japan and were sold here cheap. A lot of kawaii (cute) stuff were also present at BoA. :3


Look at this uber kawaii shiba inu plushie :3


Dive into the cuteness!







Some of the stuff I scored at BoA 2016 

3. Competitions


Competitions were another one of the highlights at BoA 2016. There was a battle of the bands where participants performed songs by Japanese artists. Yeah, there was a language barrier, but the tunes were catchy enough to listen to. Also, I’m sure there’s a point in you’re life where you sang along to the Dragon Ball Z theme (CHA-LA! HEAD CHA-LA!)



Project Materia winning the Battle of the Bands

BoA 2016 wouldn’t be complete without cosplay competitions. All of the participants were great as they pulled off staying in character and appealing to the judges and crowd. It was also amazing to see the effort in building their costumes and practicing their routines.


Korra doing some Fire Bending


Kamen Rider Diend and Decade


Adashino Benio


Batman won the Kids’ Category!


Gaara went berserk to fend off the opponents and win the cosplay competion

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