WATCH: A Complete Perspective of True Manila By Drew Binsky

Most of the vlogs we watch on the internet focus on the beauty of the metro. Of course, the exciting night life and breathtaking sunsets over the tall buildings will always captivate more interest than anything else. However, what most of the viewers do not realize is that there is a side of this city that is the total opposite of what they are used to seeing.

In a recent video, well-known international vlogger, Drew Binsky, gives us a new perspective of what Manila truly is. He showed that contrary to the hip and fancy lifestyle of Makati and BGC that people are so familiar with because of their overexposure in social media, there are poverty-ridden communities such as the informal settlers in San Andres Bukid that people might not even think exist.

Drew has fallen in love with the Philippines so much that he wanted to help these less fortunate kids. And so, he teamed up with a charity group called True Manila which is headed by a Filipino vlogger, Edwin Nombre. Watch the video below.

Despite not being well-off, Edwin started True Manila with the hopes of supporting homeless children and families in poverty-stricken areas across the Philippines by providing food, clothes, education, and shelter. He also started vlogging to raise awareness and help for the kids of True Manila.

Edwin aims to remove the stereotype that areas like this are dangerous places. And as experienced by Drew himself, people there are friendly, happy and overly welcoming. He even mentioned that he did not feel unsafe or harmed at all. Instead, they all welcomed him with high fives and the signature bright Filipino smiles despite their tough living conditions.

If you were touched by the gratitude that can be seen on the children’s faces as they were handed meals and would like to extend your help, please do so by visiting True Manila’s Facebook page here.

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