WATCH: This ”Magic in the Hamptons” TikTok Is One of the Cutest Proposals on the Internet

For those who are not familiar with TikTok, there is this trend on the platform where couples clap to the beat of  “Magic in the Hamptons” as they cut to different locations. It’s like a mini travel video compilation for couples or besties which has turned the 2018 song by musical duo Social House into a hit. As of writing, the audio (also referred to as “handshakes in the Hamptons”) has been used for over 561,100+ videos on the social media app.

One of those who jumped on the trend is Willo Turingan and Nicole Tiangco. The pair even gave it a twist by doing heart hands instead of a simple clap.

What Nicole failed to realize is that Willo had bigger plans in mind for the content. At the eighth and last clip of their TikTok, Nicole did her usual pose on the videographer’s cue but was surprised that her hand didn’t meet Willo’s. As she turned to check on her boyfriend, Willo was already on his knee presenting an engagement ring to her. Watch the cute proposal below!

@willowayyy i wanna do this for the rest of my life. #proposal #fiance #surprise #holiday #relationship #couple ♬ original sound – willowayyy

Of course, Nicole said yes!

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-married couple!

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