WATCH: Popular Travel Blogger Shares Why The Philippines Is His Favorite Country

If you’re up for a year-long adventure, let us tell you right away that there’s no need to go overseas and convert your peso because you’re already in the place where you’re supposed to be. For a country which consists of over 7,107 islands, there are also more than 7,107 ways to enjoy the Philippines.

Well, Drew Binsky, a popular travel blogger and video maker, thinks so too. Despite being in over 105+ countries all over the world, he proudly says that his favorite country is the Philippines. Watch the video below and find out why he loves and recommends our country.

Visiting the Philippines for about 12 times since 2014, Drew shared that his favorite islands are Siquijor, Palawan, and Bohol. In his video, he also pointed out five reasons why he highly recommends our country to fellow travelers, such as:

  1. The People
  2. Natural Beauty
  3. Affordability
  4. Convenience
  5. Fresh Fruits and Coconuts

With our one-of-a-kind Chocolate Hills, pristine white sand beaches like Palawan’s, and rich culture, it’s no wonder travelers like Drew always keeps coming back to our country.

What is your favorite Philippine destination? Tell us in the comments!

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