Transforming Your Work & Life with Mike Grogan of BestOfYou

When In Manila, wouldn’t it be amazing if we we start seeing a first world Philippines, not just in the future, but right now, in our lifetime?  A place where Filipinos are empowered to trailblaze a path for themselves and not just be victims of circumstance – be it being a child of an OFW, or being caught up in the corruption of our government, or simply being in a place where you personally believe you deserve better, be it in work, in your relationships, or in your purpose.

There is one guy, a foreigner, who believes that Filipinos deserve better.  His name is Mike Grogan, and he is on a mission to empower 1 million Filipinos to create habits that transform their work & life.I know, the next questions on your mind are, what is he doing here & why?

The number one reason would be faith.  He is here to serve others to become better versions of themselves. Its that simple, and the motives are pure.

I’ve sat down with Mike to see who this person slowly rising in our society is, inspiring people with podcasts from his website and I did not walk away disappointed.



After talking with him in person for a while, I got to know his heart for the Filipinos is a pure one.  He tells of seeing a movement of Filipinos committed to personal transformation, of aligning with our inner voice and start shifting our thinking.




BestOfYou is a treasure chest filled with amazing interviews with the most inspirational people in our society from the influential people behind Gawad Kalinga, Starbucks, Human Nature, Our Awesome Planet, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and of course our very own Vince Golangco for WhenInManila.




Check out Vince’s podcast and episode here.


BestofYou exists to help organizations and individuals create habits that transform their work & life. Its Vision is simple: A First World Philippines in our Lifetime. BestOfYou believes that true and lasting change can only happen when organizations and individuals leverage the science of habit formation.This non-religious and non-political movement with no age or education requirements invite you to experience for yourself and come to one of their Live events to see how they can add extraordinary value to you and your organization.To get a peek at what their live events are like, my friend Ros attended one lately and here is her account for it.


Have you ever heard the saying, “We are what we repeatedly do”? Well the philosopher Aristotle was definitely on to something when he said those wise old words. Aristotle continued on to say, that, “Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit”.

If you’re like me, and you want to be more productive, more fulfilled and excel in life (whether it’s in the area of health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual) —-basically, if you want to unlock your greatest potential, this is where Mike Grogan comes in. An Irish born Inspirational Speaker and Leadership Success Coach, Mike has helped thousands of people become more effective and efficient in eight different countries from Corporate America, to Hospitals in Africa, to Humanitarian Organizations in Palestine. These days, Mike has chosen to live in the Philippines where he started BestOfYou – a personal and organizational transformation movement dedicated to significantly impacting One Million People by Easter 2018.

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend one of Mike’s seminars last Saturday, entitled ‘The 40-Day Miracle: Creating Habits That Will Transform Your Life’ at the Impact Hub office in Makati. It’s a 40 day program that aims to educate about the science of habit formation and then guides participants to apply the lessons garnering concrete results. There were several topics that were covered, but the concepts that really struck home for me were: Studying Success & the Real Reasons for Failure, Vulnerability, Shame & Connection, The Willpower Myth and Discovering the Right Strategy: The 1 Thing to Stop | Start | Sustain.

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I’ve attended tons of trainings and seminars in my lifetime (I’m sure you have too), but I can clearly say that this one is way different. Instead of killing us with endless lectures, Mike has a facilitative approach and uses audio-visual triggers for discussion which keeps the participants fully engaged throughout the eight hour session. Mike is obviously exceptionally skilled at what he does, hands-on in his approach and well, hilarious, which helps keep the attention of his class. But more than those things, you can see his sincerity and his passion for seeing change happen in the lives of people. He was also joined by Ruben Chaumont, a French expert in Positive Psychology, who gave his inputs and his personal testimony about transformation.

I had classmates who wanted to improve on their health, some on their assertiveness, and some on their vision for their future businesses. From the start of the class up until we wrapped it up, you could see people opening up and interacting with enthusiasm. The lessons are not just learned from the speaker, but from other participants, and most importantly from yourself, as answers are brought forth by a series of thoughtful questions. Myths will be busted, there are concepts to learned and unlearned, and more than anything, you could feel hope brimming in the room that change IS possible. I went home with several nuggets of wisdom, but I listed my favorites below:

  1. Limits, like fear, is just an illusion.
  2. It’s important to be intentional with what you “consume”. Everyday, choose to read, watch or listen to material that inspires us daily.
  3. A key ingredient to successful change is not doing it alone. An African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”
  4. What I choose to put after the words I AM is very powerful. It reflects what I think of myself and it can rehaul my vision for my life.
  5. Know your why—this is your motive for change.


This training, without trying to be melodramatic or corny, can be life changing. I say CAN, because the crucial part lies in the remaining 39 days and how the knowledge is applied. If you love yourself, (or if you want to learn how to), if you love your friends and family, do yourself a favor and try out this training. And if you love your country, it’s important to note that Mike is committed to playing his part in making the Philippines a First World Nation in our lifetime J To have more positive habits in your life, check out the next Best of You events at

– Ros Raymundo

When In Manila, and you feel you deserve better, visit and be part of the 1 million Filipinos that are empowered to transform their work & lives!