Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the 2014 FLOW Weekend Retreats

If you haven’t heard of “FLOW“, then you’re definitely missing out on an opportunity to have an awesome weekend experience! But fret not, ’cause we’re here to let you know about it!


We are all aware of the ‘health craze‘ that’s been going around lately and it’s also pretty evident how everyone aims to have a well-balanced lifestyle in order to energize one’s mind, body, and soul. FLOW definitely recognizes this need, and so, they have launched the first three-day experience in the country that mixes and matches three leisure activities: surfing, yoga, and samba!


Sounds jam-packed right? But boy, could it give you the relaxation that you need! So now, let me tell you the top 5 reasons why you should be a part of the FLOW Weekend Retreats. I’ve been to their recent event in Batangas and words are not enough to tell you how wonderful the experience was! (So I guess and I hope that the pictures could also help convince you 😛 )

1. FLOW picks out the best place for your special weekend retreat!

Posh. Boutique. Zen-filled. You name it. FLOW just seems to know the best spots! Even the ‘hidden gems’ because as an example, the place that we have been to, called as Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas, was exhilarating and one-of-a-kind! I felt like I was transported to Bali, Indonesia as it was like a sanctuary full of surprises.


IMG_8675 (1024x683) (614x410)IMG_8613 (1024x683) IMG_8603 (683x1024)

The 2-hectare Garden also has 18 villas, each uniquely designed in a way to welcome you warmly and suitably. They were oh-so-spacious too!

IMG_8607 (1024x683) IMG_8604 (683x1024)

More than this, they have 2 pavilions that are open for events as well as 4 swimming pools of different sizes! …Yep! You read that right! FOUR!

Cintai-coritos-garden-batangas-bali-indonesia Cintai-coritos-garden-batangas-bali-indonesia-pavilion Cintai-coritos-garden-batangas-bali-indonesia-swimming-pool

Even more, I’m not calling this a sanctuary for no apparent reason since it is also home to unique animals such as alpacas, spotted deer, mini horses, peacocks and a whole lot more. The peacocks for example are one of the free-roaming ones and it was always a joy to be greeted by them in the mornings! Look at ’em feathers!

Cintai-coritos-garden-batangas-bali-indonesia-animals Cintai-coritos-garden-batangas-bali-indonesia-peacocks