Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the 2014 FLOW Weekend Retreats

4. FLOW serves you healthy and scrumptious meals all throughout the retreat! Add the awesome goodie bags that are given away to each and everyone!

May you be a vegetarian or not, FLOW can adapt to your ‘culinary tastes’ and through Cintai Corito’s Garden’s kitchen prowess, they could /really make you feel like you’re dining fancy and good. At times, when we were served with vegetarian food, I didn’t feel like I was eating something vegan at all!

FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-superfoods-coconuts FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-superfood FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-superfoods-fruits

Each of us received goodie bags with an event shirt from Roxy Outdoor Fitness, Roxy keychain, FLOW bag tag, products from Cutieverse such as Sanibear Handwash and Hand Sanitizer, Merry Hempster Muscle Balm and Hurraw lipbalm, gift certificates from Beyond Yoga, Juice Barista, Rawlicious Green Smoothies. 

FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-goodie-bags FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-goodies

5. Last but not the least, FLOW offers you an AWESOME community, through and through!

We all know how one’s company can make or break an experience or getaway. With FLOW, it’s always a guarantee that you will be in good company! Not only because of the diverse types of participants

FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-participants-batangas FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-foreigners FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-yoga FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-wacky

…but also because of the knowledgeable, friendly, warm, and proactive facilitators that make up FLOW SurfYogaSamba! 

FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-denise-samba FLOW-yoga-weekend-retreat-facilitators

I certainly learned a lot about their healthy lifestyles, given their numerous tips and tricks 😉

All in all, it’s an understatement if I said that I had the GREATEST FRICKIN’ TIME OF MY LIFE at FLOW! 😛 LOL. I definitely won’t mind doing it all over again! Besides, they jump from one place to another, and it’s always something to look forward to. For example, one of their upcoming retreats will be held in Anilao this June 21-22, 2014! And as a bonus, you would also experience Capoeira from EBC Philippines! See more details below:


Not only this, but they will have retreats soon in Bali, Lombok, and Pagudpud in the coming months! 

So come and energize your mind, body and soul! Be part of an experience of a lifetime. JOIN FLOW!

FLOW SurfYogaSamba


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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the 2014 FLOW Weekend Retreats


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