This 6-Year-Old Youtuber Just Bought Her Own Building Worth Php 400 Million

Boram, a 6 year-old Youtuber from South Korea, is going even more viral for having just purchased her first piece of property. The property in question is a five-story building belonging to one of Seoul’s most affluent districts. She was able to amass enough money by being one of South Korea’s biggest Youtubers, with a combined 32 million subscribers across her 2 channels.

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Her main channel, Boram Tube Vlog, features daily moments of her life which include playing, eating, and fun challenges. Its estimated monthly earnings are up to $3.6 million, making its yearly earnings up to $42.7 million. Boram Tube ToysReview features similar content, save for additional toy reviews done by Boram. This channel estimates a monthly earning of $779,700, or up to $9.4 million a year.

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This would explain how her parent’s company, Boram Family, was able to purchase the five-story building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam through the profit of the channels. The building ultimately cost an astounding $8.02 million which is over Php 400 million. The real estate register reveals that it was a 258.3-square-meter or 2,780.32-square-foot property.

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