This 12 year-old makeup artist bought herself a luxury car for her birthday

Natthanan, a young makeup artist from Thailand, just had her 12th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, she bought herself a BMẆ…using her own savings from her career! 

Photos courtesy of Natthanan

The wildly viral makeup artist began her career at the young age of 7, but actually found her love for makeup when she was just 3 years old. She began by playing around and experimenting with makeup but when her YouTube channel took off her parents encouraged her talent by enrolling her in professional makeup classes. 

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As her online makeup tutorials got more popular around 2017, she started gaining attention from the Thai fashion scene. Local stars and influencers had taken notice and began privately hiring her. Then, international media picked up her story with the BBC even featuring a short special on her! 

All of this led to her appearance (in a professional capacity) at London Fashion Week 2018! At just 10 years old, she was hired to participate in one of the largest events in the international fashion scene. This opportunity helped propel her career even further.

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Now, she can call herself successful enough to afford her own luxury sedan. Along with the photo of her new car, she posted the caption: 

Happy birthday to me. This year, I will be 12 years old. I’m thankful for everything I have so far. Thank you for always following and encouraging me. I love everyone very much. Thank you for all the blessings. May everyone be blessed, too.

What big splurge would you make if you were in her position? 


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