There Is Actually A Popular Petition To Move Halloween To The Last Saturday Of October

Mention the word ‘Halloween’ and one of the first thoughts that come to mind — aside from costumes, candy, and creatures — is October 31. The holiday and the date are practically synonymous and you would think that traditions like this were untouchable. But they aren’t.

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A petition by nonprofit Halloween & Costume Association is now appealing for Halloween to be moved from October 31 to the last Saturday of October. They do so in the hopes of achieving a “safer, longer, stress-free celebration.”

In theory, moving Halloween to a weekend would allow trick-or-treating to begin and end earlier which is all the safer for kids! It would also eliminate a lot of the work-day stress and last-minute preparations for harried parents, making it an overall more enjoyable experience. Of course, for people who simply love the holiday regardless of age or reason then placing it on a weekend means an extended celebration.

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It seems a lot of people agree with this logic, as well. Though the petition was started about a year ago, it picked up traction at the beginning of July. It now has nearly 100,000 signatures — just 50,000 signatures shy of its goal. However, it is unclear why Halloween celebrations can’t simply be moved to the last weekend of October instead of having the entire holiday moved.

What do you think: does this proposal sound like a good idea? 


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