8 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for People Who Love Memes

Words by Caitlin Rodil

Photos by Rianna Bernabe and Trisha Diaz de Rivera

To be honest, I’m not the biggest Halloween enthusiast–I get scared pretty easily and I don’t really enjoy dressing up. But lately, I’ve found that it’s a lot more fun and motivating to put on a costume if it’s something you’ve made yourself!

Of course, I’m not about to whip out a sewing machine and some cloth (because I’m pretty lazy), so it’s gotta be something simple but still funny, and I mean, what’s funnier than memes? ….right?

So a few of the other WIMterns and I came up with 8 different and easy DIY Halloween costumes for you to try out for your next trick or treat/Halloween party!

8. Steel Is Heavier Than Feathers

IMG 0573

What you need:

  • Printouts of a basket of feathers and steel
  • 2 “1kg” labels
  • A signature “confused” face

7. “Kim, you’re doing amazing sweetie

wim halloween 5

What you need:

  • A brown top
  • A silver necklace
  • Hoop earrings
  • A phone

6. Cardi B at the NBA All-Star game

IMG 0566

What you need:

  • Red sunglasses
  • A red jacket
  • Popcorn

5. Distracted Boyfriend

wim halloween 4

What you need:

For the girl in red

  • A red dress

For the boyfriend

  • A blue plaid flannel top

For the girlfriend

  • A blue top

4. “She doesn’t even go here

wim halloween 3

What you need:

  • A blue hoodie
  • Sunglasses
  • A sign (optional)

3. Salt Bae

IMG 0571

What you need:

  • A white v-neck t-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Some salt (optional)
  • A knife (optional)

2. Ha? Hatdog.

IMG 0569

What you need:

  • A headband
  • Some hotdog cutouts

1. Confused Nick Young

IMG 0578

What you need:

  • A white shirt
  • 2x printouts of three question marks (???)

Which one will you be?