LOOK: 10 Heckin’ Adorable, IG-Worthy Halloween Costumes for Your Heckin’ Adorable Pupper

Words by Audrey Kho

If you’ve been racking your brains thinking about how to dress your puppers for Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve come up with the cutest, most aww!-inducing costumes for your adorable little furry friends to get them ready for the Halloween festivities.

Listed below are 10 easy-to-make Halloween costumes we’ve seen on Instagram for every kind of doggo, big or smol, that are sure to make people’s hearts burst with cuteness.

10. Spider-Dog


This is a classic dog costume that can be made with just some old sheets of newspaper, glue, tissue, and some paint. You could also add layers of pulled-apart cotton balls and paint it black and brown to give the creepy, hairy feel of these spooky arachnids. This costume is bound to make people confused as to whether they should run away, or come pet your spookily adorable – or adorably spooky? – spider-dog.

9. “Ha? Hatdog!”


With this meme going around, this dog-and-master costume is definitely going to get you some laughs! Fashion yourself a headband that says “Ha?” and dress up your little doggo as a hotdog. Just wrap a red cloth around your furry friend, and attach two brown pillows on each side if you’re feeling a little artsy. Now, you’re ready to walk your dog around and make some millennials laugh!

8. Cheddar and Captain Holt


Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are going to go crazy over this costume! Just cop for yourself a white button-down and some black slacks, plus a black necktie to complete your 99th precinct detective look. You could even fashion yourself a NYPD detective badge and patches with some felt paper if you’ve got more time! For your little friend, preferably a corgi, just attach a dog tag with the name “Cheddar” on it, and you’re good to go.

7. Cat-Dog


We know some of you dog owners may have to cram their little puppers’ costumes. Sometimes, life gets in the way of bonding with your furry friend, right? Well, don’t you worry! Dressing up your dog as a cat is the simplest, but still heckin’ adorable, way to dress up your dog for Halloween. Just slap on cut-out cat ears on a headband, attach a garter around it, and slip it on your dog! It’s even better if you’ve just got a headband of cat ears just lying around. Just make sure they don’t see themselves in a mirror, or else they might start chasing themselves!

6. Sushi Dog and Master Chef


This is another adorably easy way to dress up your little pupper. Wrap your dog in a white cloth, then top it off with a pink pillow that you could line with white streaks to make it look like raw salmon. Finish it off with a thin strip of green cloth for the seaweed, and your sushi dog is ready! You could even add some accents like wasabi and pickled ginger. For you, don an all-white outfit and a chef’s hat, and both of you are ready to strut the streets. If you’re a big fan of Japanese food, this one is the perfect costume!

5. Loaf of Bread


People will surely be pointing at your dog and falling over at the cuteness from this simple costume! Simply print out any brand of bread you want, stick it onto some plastic, and wrap your dog with it! It’ll definitely remind people of the loaf-of-bread-dog meme.

4. Ghost Dog


There’s nothing cuter than a dog’s nose, and this costume will definitely highlight it! For master crammers, this costume is for you as well – just get an old white sheet or shirt, cut out holes for the eyes and the snout, and place it on top of your little doggo. Though he or she may look like a spooky ghost, we’re absolutely positive they’re going to get a lot of boops for this one.

3. Coke Dog


This costume will work best if you’ve got a black-fur dog! Just print out the world-famous Coke bottle sign, and wrap it around your cute little doggo. Top the costume off with a tiny red hat to make it even cuter!

2. Dog Minion


Minions costumes may be overdone for humans, but we say it isn’t overused yet for our little furry friends! A little more effort may have to be put in for this costume, but it’s all worth it when you see how cute your little pupper is at the end.

1. Scooby and Shaggy


Nothing can go wrong with a classic, especially when it’s history’s favorite dog-and-owner tandem Scooby and Shaggy. Simply make a blue necklace with the initials “SD”, and don a green shirt and some brown pants. If you’ve got more people you could pull, maybe you could even dress up as the whole gang!

What costumes have you come up with your little puppers? Share them with us! We’d love to see pictures of your heckin’ adorable costumes!