Top 13 Commercials of 2013: LCJS (Last Commercial Jingle Syndrome) of the Year

Last Commercial Jingle Syndrome (LCJS) of the Year – The Top 13 Commercials of 2013

Article by: Fao Rani Yarte 


“Why am I singing this song?”, “Where did I hear this song?”, “Why do I keep on singing this song??” – signs that you’ve just been hit by the last song syndrome, or LSS, as we call it When in Manila. 

LSS is contagious. Like hiccups, you have no idea how you suddenly got it from someone else and, unfortunately, it may take some time and effort to stop it. But for advertising agencies and their long hours of brainstorming for a perfect commercial jingle, LSS is a good thing. The catchier it is, the more recall it gets.

So, here I list down the top 13 commercial jingles that have successfully infected us viewers with the dreaded LCJS – last commercial jingle syndrome!



13. “Aaaasim, kiiliiiig! Aaaasim, kiiliiig!” – Knorr 


Sang by Michael V., this “asim kilig” jingle surely showed us how sour Knorr’s Sinigang Mix is!


12. “Handaa, Inooom, Gawaaa! Handaa, Inooom, Gawaaa!” – Tang 


The line is a clever call to action for consumers, especially kids, on how easy it is to prepare your own Tang fruit juice.


11. “Free, free, free! Free talk, KakaoTalk” – KakaoTalk 


Sarah G. and Top of Big Bang left us chanting the last part of the free messaging app ad, almost resounding to a message tone itself. Check out our post on KakaoTalk here:



10. “Oh, we could be the stars falling from the sky, shining how we want, brighter than the sun… Brighter than the sun!” – Solaire Resort and Casino 


Colbie Caillat’s Brighter Than The Sun is probably the perfect song for Solaire’s vibrant ad! It left us wanting to go out and get a pocket, a pocketful of sunshine… and there goes another LSS!


9. “Oooh, oh oh sweet child of mine!” – Cadbury 


Although the commercial isn’t really too likable for some, the Guns N’ Roses hit still left an instant LSS to the viewers. Roadtrip scenes are just too perfect for sing-alongs!


8. “Lalalalala Line, la-lalalalala Line, I just say it better on Line!” – Line 


The cute ad featuring Matteo Guidicelli and Jessie Mendiola was accompanied by an equally winsome jingle. It was a perfect package for a free messaging app promoting all those quirky emoticons! Find out why Line Messenger is a fun way to connect here:


7. “Haba ng hair, nag- Rejoice ka ba girl?” – Rejoice 


From Jaboom Twins’ “Sumusunod Sa Galaw” to Kim Chiu’s “Kering Keri” (Ooops, are you singing them right now?), Rejoice has been very consistent on giving us Last Commercial Jingle Syndrome. And don’t forget the “pa-sway sway” dance steps!


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