NHN Line Mobile Messaging: A Fun Way to Connect!


Last February 14, while everyone was out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I was having a great time at the launch of my favorite messaging application called LINE — and they have officially launched it for the Philippine market to enjoy!  


 LINE icon

So, what is LINE?

  • LINE is from South Korea’s NHN corporation and dubbed as the fastest growing mobile messaging service in Asian and Western countries loaded with various fun features. It is already widely popular in  Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, among many others countries. 
  • LINE offers free messaging and voice calls, group chat capabilities and games. It is also known as a “Smartphone Life Platform” because it is integrated with various social network service (SNS) elements and its multiple family apps including the LINE Camera and LINE games.


  • With LINE’s arrival in the Philippine shores, it aims to collaborate with Philippine companies and carry out local marketing activities to benefit users. 


NHN LINE Business Director HyunBin Kang

 I’ve been using LINE messaging for quite some time now and I keep on recommending it to my friends. Why, you may ask? Well, let me show you some of the reasons.

Aside from LINE’s free messaging, voice calls and group messaging with up to 100 people, there’s the fun feature called the LINE Stickers. We all know that we Filipinos are very expressive and we love to convey our emotions as freely and accurately as possible, and with LINE’s stickers feature, conversing with friends and loved ones has never been this fun!


 A sample of a sticker conversation

The LINE stickers have four representative LINE characters —  Brown, Cony, Moon and James. They make conversations more fun and engaging. With an overload of cuteness too!



Aside from the LINE messenger, NHN LINE is continuously creating, innovating and releasing something new. Here are some of the LINE family apps: 

LINE Game: LINE Game is integrated with LINE messenger to enhance interaction with friends and foster friendly competition as users can compare rankings

LINE Camera: LINE Camera offers numerous decorating functions such as photo frames, stamps, unique filtered effects, brushes and font styles. Photos can be instantly shared with friends and family through LINE.

LINE BAND: LINE BAND is a private mobile group service for managing real-life relationships of various groups for classmates, co-workers, members of a hobby group, families and many more. Distinct functions include a gallery where members of a group can see all photos shared, bulletin boards, schedule check that includes members’ birthdays and anniversary dates, and even a poll feature that allows members to decide on time and place of a meeting.

LINE Card: LINE Card is an official greeting card app in which users can send personalized messages of love, thanks, or congratulations and can choose from various free card images. Users can also select their own image from their own camera album and insert it into LINE Card.


LINE is available for use on smartphones but also on various multi-devices such as PC and tablet. It also supports various OS such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.


When In Manila, get LINE on your devices and have more fun conversations with your friends and family!  

 For more information about LINE, please visit its official website https://line.naver.jp/en/


 NHN Line Mobile Messaging: A Fun Way to Connect!


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