Lovi Poe Shares Her Top Tip on How to Move On

After watching Seasons on Netflix (it’s now in the Top 2 spot in the Philippines!), we were lucky enough to interview Lovi Poe and ask her some of our most burning questions. Although we didn’t really get to see Charlie’s moving on process in the movie, she did claim to have moved on from Kurt within the three years that they hadn’t spoken. We asked Lovi Poe if she had any tips for moving on and here’s what she had to say (speaking from Charlie’s point of view <- her personal disclaimer).

Lovi Poe Seasons Netflix

Photo from Netflix

Lovi Poe Shares Her Top Tip on How to Move On

“Sometimes, we have to take full responsibility for our actions and if we do that, then at some point, we’ll come to the point where we accept our situation,” Lovi Poe stresses. “In most situations, sometimes, it’s not usually ideal; but in a situation like this, if you love someone and really love someone, you just have to learn how to let go because sometimes, I think true love is when you’re happy for the person – as long as you see them happy, even if it’s not with you. It’s sad, but that’s just how it is.”

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