Lovi Poe Answers the Big Question About “Seasons”: “Was Kurt in Love With Charlie?”

If you’ve watched Seasons on Netflix starring Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino, your blood is probably boiling right now – not just because of the heartbreaking ending but also because of how Kurt and Charlie both dealt with the situations in the movie. We got to interview Lovi Poe about Seasons and asked one of the most important questions on everybody’s mind after watching it: “Was Kurt actually in love with Charlie?” Here’s what she had to say.

Lovi Poe Answers the Big Question About Seasons: “Was Kurt in Love With Charlie?”

“My team, naniniwala na Kurt was in love with Charlie… and I’m on the same team,” she admits. “I believe that Kurt at least was in love with Charlie. The way he looks at Charlie… but maybe it’s Carlo’s fault.” (Carlo’s acting in this movie is, after all, flawless, and he gives off all of the right emotions throughout the whole film.)

Lovi Poe Carlo Aquino Seasons Netflix

Photo from Netflix

“It’s just that sometimes, we go through different phases in our lives that I feel like the timing wasn’t good and kumbaga the main reason for me in this story is that Charlie’s made a mistake that it’s hard to trust her again because of that kind of mistake so it’s hard to go back,” Lovi explains. “Even if you’re in love with a person, sometimes, when someone commits a mistake, you can’t just erase that anymore so I think it’s just the timing but I believe that they were. It’s just too late.”

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