8 Things Every Middle Child Can Relate To

Every child has their own unique experiences–but today, I am focusing on my fellow middle children because we deserve to be seen, too! Being the middle child, we’ve gotten used to sharing the spotlight or even completely stepping aside for our siblings. But today, it’s all about us–our struggles and perks of not being the eldest nor youngest! These experiences, no matter how bitter some may sound, helped us become the person we are today. The panganays nor the bunsos can never relate! So without further ado, here are 8 things only middle children will understand:

1. You’re either “too young” or “too old”.


My ate gets away with anything because she’s old enough; while my younger siblings are always excused because they’re still young. But when it comes to me, it’s different. For example, I’m either “too young” to party or “too old” to make mistakes. Like, where do middle children really stand?

2. You learned how to be responsible at an early age.


There comes a time when middle children become the eldest ones who spend the most time at home. At that point, we have no choice but to act like an adult around the younger ones. When my ate went on to do her own thing, I was left to take care of my other siblings’ needs.

3. You are a natural empath.


Siblings fight all the time, but since I know what it’s like to be an ate and a younger sister at the same time, it became easy to understand both sides. This is why middle children are also usually the peacemakers at home–we have the ability to help you realize what’s bothering each other and work on a solution together.

4. You work behind the scenes.

Just like Bobbie Salazar, I am not saying that parents are unfair, I am saying they have their favorites. Although, I do not remember exactly when I finally accepted the fact that I will never be one of them. Anyway, the important thing is that we learned how to persuade our parents when needed–through their favorites. 😉

5. You stepped aside for your siblings.

I used to feel sad and jealous that my parents didn’t pay as much attention to me as they did to my siblings. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that I am not happy for them or that they don’t deserve that amount of love and affection that they receive from our parents! So I stepped aside and told myself to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t. I have three siblings–a big family! What more could I possibly ask for?

6. You are comfortable with being alone.


Since the spotlight rarely shines on me, I learned to do things on my own. I don’t feel lonely, though. In fact, I feel free–of judgment, the need to seek attention, and the frustration from not getting what I wanted. I became independent and began doing things my way, just the way I like it!

7. You earned friends you consider family.


As I said, I created my own path because I didn’t rely on my parents that much. If you’re a middle child, you probably have that same sense of pride too. Along the way, I met new people with whom I share the same passion. Unsurprisingly, I instantly felt right at home with them. To me, they’re more than just friends–they’re family!

8. You appreciate being appreciated.


I never got used to receiving compliments; but when I do receive one, I deeply appreciate it. At this point in life, I’ve already gotten tired of chasing recognition for every accomplishment that I make. Somehow, I realized that the only opinions that matter are truly the ones that are from the people who matter. Despite so, I won’t deny that I still love receiving them so I won’t stop working hard to keep them coming!

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