Share the Joy with Georgina Wilson and Win a Trip for 4 to Boracay from CADBURY Dairy Milk.

Relax. You cannot just buy this over the counter right? So, what is that one thing you can alternatively grab to relax When In Manila? Chocolate! If you belong to the legion of chocoholics, that’s a no brainer question. Chocolate does not just tingle ones tongue; it’s a fusion of many compounds that affect the brain, improve the heart rate and is always reliable for that caffeine fix (if you are avoiding coffee, that is).

Though what floats your boat might sink another’s, almost everyone loves to eat chocolates. I mean, who wouldn’t? Chocolate gives that pleasurable buzz and is already associated as one of our comfort food. They truly appeal to the senses, not to mention they have variety of ingredients beneficial to our health. Studies show that they can increase brain activity that can last almost 4x long as a passionate kiss! Whew, can science tell us something we don’t know yet?!  Not only it can uplift your mood but also it helps you to maintain a healthy heart. While no proof exists that chocolate is a certified aphrodisiac, it does contain the chemical ingredients that is like a mild mood elevator that our brain produces when we feel happy or just plainly in love.

So do you agree that chocolate is a sexy food?  Cadbury Philippines  had chosen Ms. Georgina Wilson as their new ambassadress and was thrilled to share these wonderful joys to all those chocoholics out there! Cadbury is a leading global confectionery company with an outstanding portfolio of chocolate, gum and candy brands. So people can really expect awesome prizes from them!

Cadbury Philippines surely has a passionate commitment to making everyone feel happy. They provided us with a fun-filled night. There were games that made us more bonded instead of competing with each other. Topped off with a commendable buffet from Bizu Patisserie & Bistro.

It was a bubbly night for all those who were able to taste the first dibs of how Cadbury will share this good news. Ms. Georgina Wilson together with her Cadbury family announced their newest contest on facebook called, SHARE THE JOY AND WIN A TRIP TO BORACAY Promo.



As Filipinos, we  value our relationships with our loved ones. We always ensure we spend meaningful quality time with them and we turn every moment as special as we could, talk about BONDING! With its delicious, creamy and smooth chocolate taste,  Cadbury transforms these bonding moments to moments of pure joy. It delights the senses and truly allows for one to share the joy with loved ones.

Cadbury Philippines invites everyone to join the Cadbury Dairy Milk Joy Shots promo. A happy bonding moment can turn into an exciting round trip to Boracay that you and your friends will enjoy and remember together!

1. Buy a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (at least one (1) 75g bar, or two (2) 40g bars)

2. Take a photo of you with three friends sharing a joyful bonding moment with it. The photo should express just how joyful a moment becomes when you spend it with your friends rather than on your own, and how Cadbury Dairy Milk truly makes the experience even more special.

3. Email the photo to with a brief caption (maximum of 60 characters) about why you and your barkada deserve to go to Boracay together.

The more joyful the bonding moment that you capture through your photograph, the better! You will know that the photo that you entered is qualified when it gets posted on the Cadbury Philippines Facebook Page within 24 hours and will be judged by Kraft Foods (Philippines), Inc.

Criteria for Judging:

Depiction of Sharing the Joy with Cadbury Dairy Milk (40%)

Originality of depicting bonding (30%)

Creativity (20%)

Caption (10%)

The promo runs from August 13 to September 16, 2011. The best photograph based on the above mentioned criteria will be proclaimed the grand prize winner of a four-day, three-night round trip to Boracay inclusive of Hotel accommodation and transfers. The winner will be announced on the Cadbury Philippines Facebook Wall on September 30, 2011 at 12:00nn. The 5 runner-up photos for this Cadbury Dairy Milk Joy Shots Promo will be given premium Cadbury Gift bags as consolation prizes which they can share with their friends and loved ones.

Ms. Wilson added some spice to the night by sharing to everyone her most memorable Cadbury experience. “I remember my granny hiding Cadbury Easter eggs and it was fun hunting them!” she says.

So can you already imagine yourself together with your friends having the time of your life in Boracay, with Cadbury chocolate bars on hand? Hell yeah, that’s life! Mechanics are easy-peasy! Don’t forget to like the Cadbury Philippines Facebook Page okay?

We will always love chocolates! Not only because it tastes good, but because every time we taste it, it is a wonderful memory for us. Besides, who can argue with the joy of eating a good piece of chocolate When In Manila?

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