Salted Egg Crisps: Manila’s Hottest Food Trend in 2016

Salted eggs have got to be one of Manila’s hottest food trends in 2016. Cured in brine and packed in salted clay, these humble salted eggs can be seen in more menus these days and have been incorporated in pasta, chicken, dips, desserts and, just recently – potato chips.

Yep, you read that right. Salted egg crisps.

Salted egg crisps 4

The creation of Margie Tan, these potato chips have given food enthusiasts another reason get excited about salted eggs.

“It took us a month to get our recipe,” Margie shares.

First sold at Rockwell in May 2016, the salted egg crisps (Php220 for 100 grams) have gotten a following and have even been compared to a brand in Singapore, which is known for creating savory dishes incorporating salted eggs.

“We need to explain that we are not similar with them; we are different in taste. We have developed a recipe of our own, a thicker egg sauce that coats the chips,” says Margie.

Salted egg crisps 3

Now, about the chips.

The chips are hand-cut, some pieces larger than others, and coated with a salted egg mixture. Other pieces are covered with a strip of fried curry leaf, which is typically included in savory salted egg dishes.

The cuts and portion of salted egg mixture per chip varies, but oddly, that is a satisfying part – when you put your hand inside the container and successfully extract a chip covered with a thick layer of salted egg.

Make sure you get all of the leftover bits of the salted egg at the bottom, too.

Salted egg crisps 2

If there’s any improvement that could be made on these babies, it’s that they could be crispier. A change of container – a foil bag perhaps – might do the trick, since this seems to be the standard packaging for chips.

Other than that, these salted egg crisps are worth a try, especially if you wouldn’t mind a quirky new twist to your favorite snack.

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