Aruga by Rockwell: Why This Stylish Hotel Is The Perfect Place For A Staycation

Located in Rockwell Center, Makati, Aruga is known for its exceptional service, giving extraordinary care and comfort to their clients.

When I drive along EDSA and see the Aruga billboard near Guadalupe, I tend to pronounce it in my head as aruga, the Filipino word which is synonymous to “exceptional care and hospitality.” It’s a trait Filipinos can be proud of. It’s a trait that we miss when we’re overseas. It’s a word that perfectly embodies Filipino hospitality. It’s warm and friendly.

Though this is pronounced as “A-roo-gah,” it still embodies the same aruga word that we know and love.

I got a chance to experience Aruga by Rockwell, a serviced apartment in Rockwell Center. They take “serviced apartments” to a whole new level. Everything that you need is provided for you. If you want to cook your meals, there’s a kitchen fully equipped with pots, pans, plates and glasses. If you need more, you can call their housekeeping and they will provide it for you. They also have a washing machine and drier. This came in handy when we went swimming and accidentally got our clothes wet. We got to wash and dry them in a jiffy!


They also have a grocery delivery service to get you your essentials for your staycation


This eco pod can make you amazing coffee and tea.



6 seater dining table to serve your guests over


Stylish living room, flat screen TV and balcony

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