Sahan: These DIY Cocktail Kits Send Learning Kits to Public School Students

It has only been the start of the year and it’s already got many of us reaching for a drink. If you’re one of them, we’d recommend a great drink you can safely make at home with an amazing cocktail kit that supports an important cause.

Sahan offers DIY cocktail kits infused with Filipino flavors, featuring ingredients from their very own permaculture farm: Kai Farms.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

According to Sahan’s CEO, Kai Yulo, they created Sahan “to bring permaculture to another generation.” Thanks to their awesome cocktail kits, permaculture can become more relatable and fun for the younger ones.

Sahan is the brainchild of 5 powerful women: Karla Delgado, Patricia Marcelo, Gemma Binarao, Iyay Ignacio, and Kai Yulo. Coming from their own passions, Sahan is also ingrained with many advocacies that these women believe in.

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Photo from Vivien del Valle-Borres

First off, all of the kits’ ingredients are sourced from small-scale organic farms and local distilleries from all over the country. You’ve got local cinnamon from Talisay, lemon from Baguio, and liquor from homegrown brands.

Of course, their main source is their very own Kai Farms.

One of their biggest advocacies is in support of students affected by the on-going pandemic. Because of the shift to online classes, many students of public schools are put at a disadvantage. So, Sahan partnered up with Teach for the Philippines to provide learning kits for these students.

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Photo from Vivien del Valle-Borres

Each Learning Kit includes school supplies, a reusable mask by the women of the Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation, some Kai Farms organic seeds, and a plant care guide in Tagalog. And whenever you get a cocktail kit from Sahan, you’re also giving a Learning Kit to a student.

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Aside from the wonderful advocacies that you get to support with a Sahan cocktail kit, the whole experience it gives is such a treat, too.

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Photo from Vivien del Valle-Borres

Each DIY cocktail kit can create up to 5 drinks. It includes the liquor, Sahan’s original nectar, and some edible flowers to glam up your drink! They even include an appropriate Spotify playlist according to your chosen kit—perfect for an unwinding session after a long day.

They currently have three different cocktail kits: Biyahe, a tropical drink inspired by a trip to the beach; Pasko, obviously Christmas-inspired; and the appropriate drink for the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations, Kilig.

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Photo from Vivien del Valle-Borres

For Valentine’s Day, they’ve also added a special treat to their cocktail kit. You can also get an art kit along with great drinks!

Their Cocktail x Art Kit combo makes 5 drinks, includes paintbrushes, pastel oil paint in eight colors, a wooden paint palette, paper, and art prompts. This combo is perfect for the love month—whether you’re celebrating self-love or hanging out with friends or a significant other.

If you’re looking for great drinks you can enjoy in the safety of your home, plus wonderful advocacies you can support, Sahan’s cocktail kits should definitely be on your radar.