LOOK: These students are funding for their education, one baked treat at a time

We all can agree that 2020 has been (and is still) a wild year. Everyone’s routine drastically changed, no thanks to the pandemic. With months of strict quarantine, many businesses have been affected, and a lot have been affected financially. Such is the new normal.

Despite this, people have begun to adapt to these uncertain times. Many online businesses have sprouted — most of which are home-based. While just about anyone can start one — home cooks, moms, and even students — it takes dedication, commitment, and really good dishes to stand out.

Thus, these tough times is exactly what pushed besties Angela Apuyan and Rhiza Mendoza to create Pane Dolce.

A quarantine project established just this year, Pane Dolce is more than just an outlet to sell baked treats. According to Apuyan: “Given today’s situation, we have thought of expanding these skills into a small business wherein profits will be (used) to fund our college fees.” Thus, not only is Pane Dolce a passion project, but it also is a means for both Apuyan and Mendoza to continue their studies.

Currently, Pane Dolce offers cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and the popular ube and cheese pandesal. Proudly baked fresh daily, these treats will surely satisfy every sweet tooth. Plus, you get to help two entrepreneurial youths with their college degree. Talk about a win-win situation!

Of Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls

With the myriad of offerings that Pane Dolce has under their belt, I was lucky enough to try two of my favorite desserts: cookies and cinnamon rolls. And let’s just say I’m a fan of both!

Double and Triple Chocolate Cookies
(PHP 149 for 6 pieces of Double Chocolate, PHP 169 for 6 pieces of Triple Chocolate)

Pane Dolce’s bestselling cookies include the Double Chocolate and Triple Chocolate cookies. And really, this is where every cookie lover should start. At first sight, you’ll get palm-sized cookies that are thinner than most large cookies, yet loaded with tons of chocolate all the same. Regardless of which flavor you choose, the cookie base is chewy with a bit of bite — almost borderline stretchy like a crinkle — and not too sweet, too! Combine this with the generous amount of chocolate chunks (made up of big brands like Ghiradelli, Auro, and Beryl’s Chocolate), and I daresay you’ve got a treat.

Now, taking a look at each flavor, I say that your preference is based on just how chocolatey you like your cookies to be. The Double Chocolate Cookie features a light brown chocolate base and chocolate chunks. Simple, yet most of the chocolate comes from the chunks. On the other hand, the Triple Chocolate Cookie is a fan favorite for those who love their chocolate a lot. A cross between a cookie and a brownie, these dark cookies are fudgy, not too sweet, and still loaded with tons of chocolate in every bite.

And let me just say this: while most cookies seem to harden after you put them in the refrigerator (which is why I usually advise against that), Pane Dolce’s cookies still surprisingly retained their borderline gooey, chewy texture even after being chilled. That’s a bonus in my book, all right!

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls (PHP 279 for a box of 6)

Cinnamon rolls are notorious for being sickeningly sweet, and I can see why. The cinnamon-sugar mix inside plus the sweet cream cheese glaze is usually enough to throw off most people. Surprisingly, however, the ones by Pane Dolce are actually quite manageable. Nestled within soft folds of dough, you’ll get the same sugary mix, yes, but the real hero is the glaze. You see, instead of a sugary, you are treated to one that tastes more like cream cheese. This not only adds a depth of flavor to the roll but also helps balance things out.

It did help too that Pane Dolce’s rolls are extra soft. And huge, too, giving you more bang for your buck! Yum!

How to Order

For orders and inquiries, you can message Pane Dolce on Facebook, Instagram, or via Viber and SMS. Once your order is confirmed, you can pay via GCash or BPI bank transfer. Your baked treats will then be sent over via Grab or Lalamove, at your expense. But to save on shipping costs, you can always head on over and pick it up yourself — the address for which will be sent privately, of course.

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Pane Dolce

Viber or SMS: 09291069476

Instagram: @_panedolce

Facebook: www.facebook.com/panedolcee

What are other quarantine businesses that you’ve discovered lately? Share them with us!

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