These rolls put the “sin” in cinnamon, and for good reason, too

All throughout the quarantine, we’ve seen many food trends come and go. But before the trend shifted to the sushi bakes that keep popping out like there’s no tomorrow, cinnamon rolls were all the rage among bakers. With tons of time on their hands, a lot of them took on the arduous task of making these swirled rolls from scratch. This includes kneading, proofing the dough, and rolling them neatly— down to creating the cream cheese that seals the deal. And while some came out beautiful and tasty, a few were… not up to par.

That, or it was all in all, tedious.

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So for those who crave a good homemade Cinnamon Roll, but can’t or don’t know how to make one, Abigail’s is here to help.

A passion project-turned business, owner Abigail Mercado channels the taste of home in her cinnamon rolls. The story of Abigail’s love for baking began when she was 7 years old— the time when her parents set up a small bakery that was fondly named after her. While growing up, Abigail was constantly surrounded by the smell of vanilla and freshly baked bread. Once in a while, her mother would let her help around— from kneading the dough to rolling it in breadcrumbs right after.

Beyond learning how to make pandesal and tons of other pastries, she also learned from her mother to “continue doing what you love (and that) nothing becomes successful at (your) first shot. Improve and develop what you offer until you, yourself, can’t stop eating it!”. And to this day, she takes these words to heart.

Thus, armed with her mom’s recipes and well-loved mixer, she has since then carried on her mother’s legacy, reliving mom’s kitchen, and reinvented her childhood brand— Abigail’s.

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Of Tasty Cinnamon Rolls and More

Currently, Abigail’s offerings include cinnamon rolls, but in different flavors. Overall soft and fluffy— and slightly flaky— these buns come with a smattering of cinnamon sugar in the center. Thus, the difference lies in the toppings, fixings, and sweet glaze. These include the Classic Cinnabuns, Matcha Oreo, Salted Caramel, and their newest addition: Belgian Chocolate.

Although these cinnamon rolls normally come packaged in a neat box with all the fixings in tow, I requested for my toppings to be sent over separately. Not only does this help for a picture-perfect appearance, but it was a fun activity to build and assemble your own roll. Kind of like a DIY cinnamon roll, so to speak.

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Classic Cinnabun

A classic, no-frills cinnamon roll with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting. What I love about the rolls—aside from the abundance of cinnamon and sugar, of course— was the balance of powdered sugar and cream cheese that was used to make the glaze. It’s not too sweet, not too cheesy. Just right. And yes, this really helped accentuate the bold, spicy flavors of the cinnamon. Yum!

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Matcha Oreo Rolls

For those who aren’t fans of cinnamon (they exist?!), these Matcha Oreo rolls do the job nicely. Inspired by the exotic flavors of Japan, these premium rolls feature an Oreo roll topped with earthy Matcha buttercream and a garnish of crushed Oreos. And to complete the package, each roll comes with Oreo cookies— perfect for those who love their chocolate. And if you’re new in the Matcha food scene, this is a good place to start. The buttercream, for one, is more sweet than grassy, and the overall chocolatey flavors of the Oreos add an extra layer of sweetness to the bun.

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Salted Caramel Rolls

As someone who enjoys all things caramel, this roll was a real treat for me. This classic cinnamon roll comes with cream cheese frosting, along with an upgrade in the form of a sweet caramel glaze. Top with a smattering of crushed walnuts, and even more caramel (yay!), and it’s just heavenly. Dare I say that this was my favorite from the bunch? Because yes, beyond the roasted caramelly sweetness lies a subtle salty note that really cuts across the rich flavors. It’s a real treat for those who want their cinnamon rolls extra sweet, I tell you.

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Belgian Chocolate

The latest addition to Abigail’s lineup of cinnamon rolls, the Belgian Chocolate is as rich and decadent as it sounds. This classic roll gets a chocolatey addition in the form of a fudgy chocolate ganache— one that is sweet and creamy. To contrast the overall sweet flavor profile, it even comes with a dusting of bittersweet cocoa powder. A real treat for chocolate lovers out there, I have to say that this is my second favorite out of the whole bunch.

What started out as a legacy of her late mother has soon become a booming business. With the many possibilities that Abigail can do to the well-loved cinnamon roll, I sure can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

Which of these flavored Cinnamon Rolls has caught your eye?


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