Relax, You Don’t Have to Find Your Dream Job in Your 20s

One of the mistakes we make as young 20-somethings is to fall victim to the mindset that we need to do everything as early as we can. Everything—which includes investing in life insurance, building a family before 30, and securing a job straight out of college.

Like everyone else, I was unhealthily obsessed with that ideal situation. And so it was easy for me to feel dissatisfied and unhappy about plenty of things, especially my career. There was too much pressure to find the perfect job that it made me frequently question what I was doing and, most importantly, if I loved what I was doing.

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But the hard pill we have to swallow at some point is that no one finds what their purpose is in their 20s. At the same time, no one finds a job they will 110% love right away.

While we all want to feel like we have it all figured out as early as possible, it just doesn’t happen that way. How easy life would be if it did! But we’re all still growing and changing and learning, and our dreams right now may not even be what we eventually want in the future.

Yes, passions can change. You could be doing something you love for so long, only to realize down the line that you’re actually better at doing something else entirely. And there’s no knowing when that would happen or what that could be. You just have to be willing to embrace the uncertainty.

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It’s okay to feel worried that you’ll never achieve your goals and dreams, but it’s wrong to think that you need to do it ASAP “or else.”

30 is not a deadline. Neither is 40. Hey, even 50-year-olds are still thinking about quitting their jobs to pursue their dreams.

You may not love your job now, but the struggle is far from over! The important thing now is to just keep doing what you do or trying new things to the best of your abilities. Work hard, keep learning, keep failing, and keep growing. Trust that you will find what you’re looking for all in good time.

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