What Happens When Your Passions Start Changing?

I’ve tried out plenty of things in my life. Once, I loved to make short films for fun and thought I would grow up to be a filmmaker. Then, I got into digital design and had skills that I would say were far better than that of my peers (back then, at least). Then I took up business as my undergraduate course but pursued writing as a career. And now, I’m really into tarot and astrology.

I’ve tried out plenty of things, and I’m trying out a lot more, still.

Heart and Brain Passion Comic

Here’s what I think about when someone is told to “follow their passion”: they’re not going to last.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past 25 years of my life, it’s that passions change. You can be really into a certain hobby, and then find yourself losing interest in it. Then, you jump into a totally new hobby, and the cycle repeats.

Not that this happens to everybody, but it does to most of us. And if you force yourself to stick to that one thing for the rest of your life, you’re setting yourself up for both failure and burnout.

There is nothing wrong with jumping from one ship to another. Though we may not like the idea of it, it’s how we can truly unlock our potential. There’s no shortcut to discovering who we are meant to be. And, if anything, we should be grateful for the journey — no matter how long or brief.

So don’t think too much about how to stay committed to or driven by your passions! Just allow yourself to be immersed fully in whatever you’re in love with right now, and enjoy it while it lasts.

You don’t always stay in love with your passions. But it’s okay. It only means that you can keep finding new ones to enjoy. Our paths are made up of ever-diverging routes, and, in each of them, infinite possibilities.

What are your opinions on this?