Can Platonic Relationships Work? Here’s What Lovi Poe Thinks

Can platonic relationships work? The Filipino movie Seasons on Netflix truly made us think a lot about friendships and relationships, and we got to sit down with Lovi Poe to ask her that same big question:

Can Platonic Relationships Work?

Apparently, Lovi believes that they honestly can work. “I did come up with the concept but I do have guy best friends,” she explains. “I have no feelings, nothing close to this, and maybe we’re not as close as Charlie and Kurt. I think that a guy and a girl can become friends but of course, there are certain boundaries in relationships. It can work but you have to know: what are those boundaries? Especially when there’s another relationship involved – and that’s what [Charlie] didn’t know.

Can Platonic Relationships Work Lovi Poe Carlo Aquino Seasons Netflix

Photo from Netflix

During our interview, Lovi also spoke up about guy-and-girl best friend relationships in general. “Not to judge but I think some people enter this best friend relationship because they are actually in love and they’re hoping that it goes to the next step,” she says. “Maybe that could be for some people. But then for others, I think it’s not hard to fall in love with your best friend because when you’re able to confide and be yourself with someone, you’re comfortable completely, there’s this sense of familiarity and comfort that makes you realize that, ‘Why can’t I just love this person? It’s just so easy. I don’t have to pretend.’

So I think that’s a huge factor as well. You know how people always say, ‘I think it’s best that you fall in love with your best friend’? That’s the best kind of relationship: when your best friend’s also your lover at the same time. So it’s not hard to fall in love with your best friend. That’s why there’s always that boundary that you have to clear.”

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