How to Know If He’s an F-Boy Over Text

Warn your sisters before it’s too late because YES, there is a way to tell if he’s an F-boy over text! I’m not sure if there’s like a handbook that these guys pass around, but somehow, they all use the same format.


Although this might be okay with girls who are looking for the same thing (you go, girls! There’s no shame in that, btw), some girls might also be vulnerable and not notice the red flags. Some of their prospects are those who just got out of a relationship or those who badly want to be in one. Unfortunately, these F-boys won’t be staying for long so involving yourself with them would just be a waste of time and emotions. Trust me! If you are new to dating and want to avoid their kind, here are some tips you need to take note of!

He’s not a phone person.


Before anything else, an F-boy needs to warn you that he won’t be on his phone that much. This way, he could get away with not replying as much as you’d want him to. They also don’t post much because one, to support their statement, and two, so they won’t have to post you and all the other girls he’s talking to. If you met him through dating apps, he might even say he’s not on it that much. Luckily, in that short amount of time, he came across your profile. Sounds sweet? Ew, girl. Who falls for that?

He almost only texts you in the wee hours.


He had already established that he won’t be texting you that much but you can expect his texts in the wee hours. At this time, he might be drunk and needs company…if you know what I mean! He could also be just feeling lonely, though. It can become quiet after dropping off some other girl whom he’s definitely not texting right away. If you need more reasons, it could also be because he didn’t get want he wants with that other girl.

He doesn’t feel like going out, but you can come over instead.


At some point, you’ll get tired of texting and ask him out eventually (because he still hasn’t, ugh!). After spending time thinking of a date plan based on his likes and dislikes, he’ll only respond with “actually, I don’t feel like going out.” And that’s not only because being seen with you in public is a cockblock, but also because he wants you somewhere more intimate. Very, very intimate.

He steals a line from a rom-com.


We love romantic comedies, that’s a fact. A fact that F-boys use to swoon you over and get what they want. Some of them even have the audacity to steal lines from them! When an F-boy lures you in with a rom-com or invites you to watch one, it’s only because of one thing, and one thing only. Please don’t let them ruin our comfort movies!

He calls other girls “crazy.”


It can be his ex who “broke his heart”, or your mutual friend who just happens to be a girl (shocking!). You’d be like, “you dated her?” and he’d go something like “Nah, she’s crazy.” These guys say this so you won’t believe what you’ll hear from that other girl, and to prevent you from clinging on to them so much they might just call you one. Some strategy there, right? Although if there’s one thing I learned, there’s always something that drove those “crazy girls” crazy. You wouldn’t want to experience it yourself, would you?

He can wait.


Of course, he can! With his long list of booty calls, are you kidding me? But of course, you’re in the queue. Also, there’s this episode from “Friends” where Phoebe dates a guy who makes her wait. When she finally confronted him, he tells her that sex can make girls get so attached, so he didn’t want to do it until he’s sure that they’re serious. As summarized by Joey, the guy made her beg to sleep with him and not call him after. Tada!!! (Sorry, it just felt like a revealed magic trick.)

He turns any conversation into a sexy conversation.


Stop trying to converse with F-boys because spoiler alert: they don’t care! The only way to keep the conversation flowing is to keep it sexy. However, if you aren’t down to get some, just stop replying and don’t mislead them any further. You’re not getting some sensible replies for a reason, and that’s because they only want to sleep with you and have nothing else to do with you. You can go with the flow for some time, but is it really the type of relationship you’re looking for? Think about it!

He calls you “babe” right away.


Oh, this one’s pretty obvious. If he calls you nicknames like “babe” or “baby” right away, don’t flatter yourself. It’s to avoid calling you the wrong name. Duh!

Anything else to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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