A Letter of Appreciation to the Husbands

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Thank you for being our rock on days when life becomes too much.

Thank you for allowing us to see your weaknesses and be your rock when you need us.

Thank you for making us laugh even when others think you just look stupid.

Thank you for listening to all our rants and just giving us support even when you want to give solutions.

Thank you for convincingly acting like you’re invested in all the chismis we tell you.

Thank you for being the one we can share secrets with—even when we promised not to tell anyone.

Thank you for helping make life a lot easier and a lot more convenient—especially when we just need someone to carry our things or lift the couch.

Thank you for being the first person we can count on to try new experiences with us.

Thank you for being our forever travel buddy, and for constantly setting aside time just for us.

Thank you for saying “yes” to our crazy ideas, even when it involves trying a lot of weird things.

Thank you for being our number one supporter, and for making us first in your life.

Thank you for encouraging our strengths and for building us up to reach for our dreams.

Thank you for investing in our marriage every day.

Thank you for being our life-long best friend and for making sure that we always know we are loved.

You make life better. You deserve all the love and appreciation every day. Happy Husband Appreciation Day!