PWR Wrevolution X – Preview and Predictions



PWR: Wrevolution X, the biggest event for PWR in 2015,  is only a few days away. We’re here to give you a little preview of what to expect this Saturday at the Makati Cinema Square Arena.


PWR Wrevolution X JDL vs Bombay

For the PWR Championship: Bombay Suarez vs Jake De Leon


Two of PWR’s top notch wrestlers will compete for the biggest prize of all, the PWR Championship. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon, the most popular star of PWR, will take on the heart and soul of PWR. This is a match that is going to split the crowd in half. It will be more divided than the Panzer/JDL match in the last event as both men are heavily favored by the fans. But this is more than just a main event match. For JDL and Bombay, this is a student vs teacher match. JDL and a few of the PWR roster have studied under the tutelage of Bombay and this adds a lot to the table. Is the student ready to outshine his teacher? Will the teacher show the student that he still has a lot to learn? This is the match to find out who will go on top and win the biggest prize in the PWR.

 PWR Wrevolution X Iron Man Match

 Iron Man Match: Mayhem Brannigan vs Classical Bryan Leo


The one masked man revolution is about to face the king of the Royal flush in an Iron Man Match. This blood feud has been brewing since Renaissance and it’s about to culminate in Wrevolution X. Mayhem has been on a recent hot streak, defeating every obstacle that came his way to face Bryan Leo. Finally, he will be facing the man himself in an iron man match. For Bryan Leo, he has suffered defeat after humiliation against Mayhem Brannigan leading up to this match. Will Bryan Leo finally redeem himself and get the much needed win? For Mayhem, will he be the man who will topple the king and make things RIGHT in the PWR? This is going to be a very exciting Iron Man Match.

 PWR Wrevolution X Apocalypse vs Main Maxx

 Last Man Standing Match: The Apocalypse vs Main Maxx


Two of PWR’s behemoths collide in what might be the most bloody and violent fights that we will see at Wrevolution X. Main Maxx, the enforcer of the Royal Flush, would love to establish his dominance in the PWR ring and he’s looking to do so by destroying The Apocalypse. The Apocalypse, however, is no slouch. The masked enigma is known for his brutal offense and demented mind that puts him on the top 3 most fearsome PWR competitors.


PWR Wrevolution X Submission Match

Submission Match: Chris Panzer vs Ken Warren


Warren vs Panzer III is one of the matches I’ve been waiting for since the last event.  In Ken Warren’s video promo against Chris Panzer, he actually called out the elephant in the room. Both of them do NOT have a submission move that’s a signature or a finishing maneuver. So how does this go?? Is this management’s way to see how these two young stars would react and try to establish a new submission maneuver to their arsenal in just one match? Honestly, they didn’t have to window-dress this match and add a stipulation as these two men could carry a normal match and make it the ‘match of the night’.  But who knows, this might be an epic conclusion to the hottest feuds of PWR history.

 PWR Wrevolution X 3-Way

3-Way Elimination Tag Team Match: Beer Promdi (Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo) vs Dual Shock (Peter Versoza and SANDATA) vs Fighters 4 Hire (Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax)

Three of PWR’s hottest tag teams are going to face each other in a 3-way elimination tag team match. The unlikely duo of Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo look like to be the team to beat while a vengeful Dual Shock, is looking for their first tag tam win in PWR. Fighters 4 Hire, Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax, won’t be slouches in this matchup as well. The two men who serve as Mr. Sy’s security detail proved their in-ring abilities when they decimated Dual Shock. Which team will come out on top? It’s anyone’s guess, really .


PWR Wrevolution X Ralph vs Sebastian

Ralph Imabayashi vs John Sebastian

Imabayashi and Sebastian will face each other yet again after their epic encounter last time. Ralph Imabayashi took the surprise victory over the heavily favored John Sebastian during their last encounter. Will Ralph do more wreckage on the newly inducted member of the Royal Flush? Or will John Sebastian finally end his losing streak and gain a much needed victory against the young upstart?


And now let’s get to the interesting part, the predictions. Check out the next page for our Wrevolution X predictions.