PWR: Vendetta – The Event That Made Philippine Pro Wrestling History

PWR-Vendetta-Cover PWR: Vendetta


PWR: Vendetta proved to be a historical night for the PWR organization and the Philippine Pro Wrestling landscape. That night, attendance records were broken, a new batch of PWR superstars arrived and there was a lot of pro wrestling action to be seen. PWR’s first event of 2015 was seen by a packed house at the Makati Cinema Square Arena. Over 400+ audience members flocked to the event, which was twice the size of the audience that attended its previous event last December (PWR: Terminus).  


PWR Vendetta Brawl

Brawl at the PWR Arena

PWR: Vendetta started off with Mr. Sy addressing the PWR faithful. Mr. Sy added that the winners of the ‘All out war’ match later tonight will declare the stipulation for their respective matches at Wrevolution X, PWR’s next big event for 2015. He said that the two matches would be Mayhem vs Bryan Leo and Main Maxx vs The Apocalypse. With that announcement, he called out the four competitors, starting with Mayhem Brannigan. However, Mayhem was attacked by the Royal Flush (“Classical” Bryan Leo and Main Maxx) upon his entrance. The mysterious Apocalypse made the save, however and order was ‘momentarily’ restored for both teams to sign the contract with Mr. Sy. It seemed like all four men couldn’t wait to get their hands on the other team that night. Apparently, it was just a small dose of what was about to happen later on that night.


PWR-Vendetta-warren-bombay-2Bombay drives Ken Warren to the mat

PWR-Vendetta-warren-bombay-1Ken Warren tries to fend off a powerbomb attempt


Contendership Match for PWR Championship: Bombay Suarez vs Ken Warren

Vendetta started things off with the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren facing “The Heart and Soul of PWR” Bombay Suarez.  The two PWR superstars put on a display of holds and moves in the early going. Bombay delivered an amazing scissors kick for a near fall at one point of the match. Ken Warren almost got away with a cheap shot at one point in the match when he got in the ring with a steel chair. While the referee was busy putting it out of the ring, we discovered that he smuggled some brass knuckles and was about to hit Bombay with it. The Backyard Legend saw it coming and avoided the brass knucks. Ken Warren tried to finish things off again with his Wi-Fi but he missed and it proved fatal. Bombay took out the Social Media Sinister with a hard enzugiri kick (a.k.a. kick of the day) for the pinfall.


PWR Vendetta Warren vs BombayKen Warren and Scarlett give Bombay a little surprise


After the match it was a surprise appearance Scarlett, from the Royal Flush, that got everyone’s attention. She seemed to be fooling around with Bombay after delivering a ‘stink face’ (google it) on the corner. But upon his request of another stink face…she surprised him with a Ken Warren dropkick through the steel chair, showing her real intentions.


PWR Vendetta Sebastian vs Imabayashi John Sebastian has Ralph Imabayashi in a submission hold

PWR Vendetta Sebastian vs ImabayashiRalph delivers the Sonic Crusher


John Sebastian  vs Ralph Imabayashi

There was already some tension between the two PWR boot camp graduates before the match (check their recent appearance on the SGP Podcast for more info) and they were ready to let all their aggression out on the other. Ralph Imabayashi peppered Sebastian on numerous occasions with some high octane offense like an enzugiri and a high impact kick. John Sebastian would retaliate with his own offense like the belly to back suplex and a spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson proud. The finish saw Ralph Imabayashi laying out John Sebastian with the Sonic Crusher. John Sebastian feigned being a good sport after he shook Ralph’s hand…only to lay him out afterwards. Scarlett made her way to the ringside area again and this time gave John a Royal Flush t-shirt. Sebastian looked at the shirt before he tossed it to the crowd.


 PWR Vendetta All Out War MatchBryan Leo punishes Apocalypse with a weapon


PWR Vendetta All Out War Match Mayhem goes airborne on Main Maxx

ALL OUT WAR TAG TEAM MATCH: Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse vs The Royal Flush (Bryan Leo and Main Maxx)

This was one of the matches the fans were waiting for: The Royal Flush vs Mayhem and the Apocalypse. The match started off in a very brutal fashion. The start saw Main Maxx beating up Mayhem inside the ring while The Apocalypse brutally mauled Bryan Leo outside. The Apocalypse was in control of Bryan Leo as he punished him with the steel chain (which drew a ’50 shades’ chant). The match went throughout the ringside area and by that I meant they brawled into the crowd and on opposite sides of the 2nd floor of the PWR arena. One of the most shocking PWR moments happened in this match when Mayhem, from the 2nd floor balcony threw himself off and landed on The Royal Flush, The Apocalypse and the PWR security in a huge wipeout splash. His stunt shocked and awed the PWR audiences of his courage and daredevil attitude. Outside the huge stage dive, there were memorable moments in this match such as the wooden stick duel between Bryan Leo and Mayhem and the time wherein Main Maxx and The Apocalypse crashed onto the improvised table that was created during the match.


PWR Vendetta All Out War MatchMayhem on the second floor…will he jump?


PWR-Vendetta-royal-flush-vs-mayhem-apoc-3Bryan Leo and Mayhem have a duel!

John Sebastian (who came in as a hooded figure during the match) officially joined the Royal Flush when he attacked Mayhem. Mayhem Brannigan was unmasked by the Royal Flush after the 3-on-1 attack. Apocalypse made the save and sent the Royal Flush out of the ring. At the same time, Mayhem put on a spare mask, thanks to one of his fans. Ralph Imabayashi ran in and attacked John Sebastian. The two rivals brawled to the back, making it an even 2-on-2 match. In the end, the duo of Mayhem and Apocalypse defeated their foes by using their respective finishers for the pinfall. With Mayhem and Apocalypse winning the tag team match, the stipulations (as of this writing) for their respective Wrevolution X matches will be the following: 1) The Apocalypse vs Main Maxx in a Last Man Standing Match; and 2) Mayhem Brannigan vs Bryan Leo in an Iron Man Match.


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