PWR: Vendetta – The Event That Made Philippine Pro Wrestling History

PWR-Vendetta-KT-MDM-Dual-Shock Kanto Terro goes toe to toe with Sandata

PWR-Vendetta-KT-MDM-Dual-Shock-2Kanto Terror and Mark D Manalo interacting with the fans

Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo vs Dual Shock (Peter Versoza and SANDATA)

The crowd was unglued when Kanto Terror and Mark D Manalo made their way to the ring. PWR’s favorite odd couple took on the newcomers Dual Shock in what showcased PWR’s budding tag team division.  Sandata showed his arsenal of moves (including a series of DEEP armdrags) that impressed the crowd. Peter Versoza also proved to be a formidable foe as he and Kanto Terror exchanged some hard hitting forearms at the center of the ring and an amazing senton off the top rope. Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo, however, proved to be the better team by delivering some amazing double team moves on their opponents that night.  The Man from San Juan got the win for his team when he made his opponent tap with the ‘Manalo Lock’. Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo left the ring victorious. Post match, Sandata demanded another chance to prove their tag team was worthy in the PWR. Mr. Sy took note of the request and granted them another match, against his security team known as ‘Fighters 4 Hire’.


PWR-Vendetta-dual-shock-vs-fighters-4-hire-2 Joey Bax stalks the fallen Sandata

PWR-Vendetta-dual-shock-vs-fighters-4-hire-1Miguel Rosales sends Peter Versoza down with an F5!

Dual Shock vs Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales)

It was a rather quick match that showed size did not matter…height wise. The two bodyguards of Mr. Sy proved their mettle in the ring as they mowed down their competition. Sandata tried to hit Joey Bax with all he had, but to no avail. Bax manhandled the masked competitor. The same could be said with Miguel Rosales who drove Peter Versoza to the mat with a powerful spear. The two fighters displayed their might with a powerful double team move on Sandata for the win.


PWR Vendetta JDL vs PanzerPanzer drops a leg on JDL

PWR Vendetta JDL vs PanzerJDL delivers the alipin drop on Panzer


Contendership Match for PWR Championship:  Jake de Leon vs Chris Panzer

The main event saw two of PWR’s most popular babyfaces (good guys) in Jake de Leon and Chris Panzer. The two men performed a brilliant display of their technical prowess in the early going, reversing their opponent’s headlocks and armbars. At one point of the match, JDL delivered a senton splash on Panzer who was at the ring corner.  There was another amazing spot in the match wherein Chris Panzer stopped JDL’s rolling thunder move with a hard kick to the back of the head.  Ken Warren tried to distract Chris Panzer near the end of the match but the D-Town Grappler laid Warren out by a boot to the face. JDL took advantage of the opportunity and attempted the Alipin drop, but was thwarted by Chris Panzer. Panzer with another attempt at his finisher was cut short by a JDL superkick out of nowhere! JDL delivered a rolling thunder and finished things off with the Alipin Drop. It was official: Jake de Leon will face Bombay Suarez at Wrevolution X for the PWR Championship. Speaking of Bombay, he came out to the ringside area and shook hands with his upcoming opponent for Wrevolution X. JDL and Bombay looked primed to fight each other for PWR’s most prestigious title this May.


PWR Vendetta JDL and BombayBombay Suarez and JDL will meet at Wrevolution X for the PWR Championship Finals


As a pro wrestling fan, watching PWR: Vendetta was a very exciting and enjoyable experience. The matches were hard hitting, action filled and entertaining. The crowd was very energetic and had some fun chants during the night like “Jimmy Santos”, “SUUU!”, “Tapusin” and many others. A couple of my favorite PWR crowd moments were when sang along to Mark D. Manalo’s entrance theme (“Take on Me”) and when they chanted “Bagong Tray” during the all out war match…after the four competitors kept using a ‘fresh’ steel tray to use in the match. If you’re fellow professional wrestling fan in Manila (or in the Philippines in general) and want to watch a LIVE pro wrestling event, I strongly recommend that you watch PWR’s product. The combination of the live pro wrestling action and the crowd interactions would surely give you a rockin’ good time.


PWR-Vendetta-FansPWR audience members having a selfie with the wrestling ring


PWR-Vendetta-Mayhem-FanMayhem Brannigan poses with one of his fans


Thank you to the men and women of PWR for inviting the crew to this event that reeked of awesomeness. I can’t wait to see Wrevolution X this coming May. More PoWeR to you, PWR!

PWR-Vendetta-crowd-interactionMain Maxx w/ Mayhem getting a photo op with the fans (during the match)


WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Martin Vicencio

Quick Results

Contendership Match for PWR Championship: Bombay Suarez def. Ken Warren by pinfall
  Ralph Imabayashi def. John Sebastian by pinfall
ALL OUT WAR TAG TEAM MATCH: Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse def. The Royal Flush (Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx) by pinfall

-Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo def Dual Shock (Peter Versoza and SANDATA) by submission

– Fighters 4 Hire def. Dual Shock by pinfall

Contendership Match for PWR Championship:  Jake de Leon def. Chris Panzer by pinfall


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