PWR Wrevolution X – Preview and Predictions (and friends) predictions for PWR: Wrevolution X

Usually, I’ll be the only one giving you the predictions. This time, I enlisted some help from some friends inside and outside of this site to get a fresh perspective and some views as to who they think will win.  Let me give you a brief introduction to those friends who lent a helping hand for the predictions side of this article. First and foremost is Mr. Hub Pacheco, the lead photographer for most of the PWR events we cover. The second man is Mr. A. Santos, an avid PWR fan. Next up is a man of a few (yet very powerful) words, John Wolfe, a staple guest at’s Bodega Nights podcast. Finally, we got’s resident explorer from Davao City, Bogart the Explorer, to weigh in on the main event.


PWR Vendetta Sebastian vs Imabayashi

Ralph Imabayashi vs John Sebastian

Martin: John Sebastian. I would love to see Ralph beat PWR’s resident bully. But Sebastian needs this win and will totally pull out all the stops to get it done.


A. Santos: John Sebastian gets the much needed win


Hub: I’m picking John Sebastian because I think he would want to redeem himself in their first match up.


PWR Terminus

3-Way Elimination Tag Team Match: Beer Promdi (Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo) vs Dual Shock (Peter Versoza and SANDATA) vs Fighters 4 Hire (Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax)

Martin: I gotta pick my boys, Beer Promdi. I’m sorry, it’s just too biased. I gotta go with my boys KT and Mark D.


A. Santos: I’m picking Fighters 4 Hire, though I still side with any tag team with Kanto Terror


Hub:  Beer Promdi will find a way to win here, like they always do.



Submission Match: Chris Panzer vs Ken Warren

Martin: Ken Warren. I know both men have no ‘established’ finishing maneuvers, but both men are savvy enough to figure out a hold in that match. Ken Warren might get the W by using some illegal tactics to injure Chris Panzer, work on that area and eventually make him submit by cranking said area up to the point that Panzer can’t withstand the pain.


A. Santos: Ken muthaf’n Warren! About time “the powers that be” in PWR allow him to win. That is, if they wanna keep the rivalry between them alive! Lol.


Hub: The chemistry between Panzer and Warren is a thing of beauty. From their first encounter, you could tell that these two know each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well. I hate to pick one over the other because I like them both but I’ll have to give this to Chris Panzer. I think he can outmaneuver Warren and make him submit.


PWR TerminusApocalypse goes for a dive

Last Man Standing Match: The Apocalypse vs Main Maxx

Martin: Main Maxx. As much as Apocalypse is a big threat, Main Maxx will get this one due to his strength and durability. Silent Rage will run wild of the masked enigma.


A. Santos: Main Maxx wins this round.


Hub: Main Maxx. Like John Sebastian, Maxx needs to win here so I’m picking him to go over Apocalypse.


John Wolfe: Apocalypse over Main Maxx, just because.


 PWR Vendetta All Out War Match


Iron Man Match: Mayhem Brannigan vs Classical Bryan Leo

Martin: The Royal Flush will have a royal sweep of the night. Bryan Leo will gain the victory over the charismatic Mayhem Brannigan. How? My hunch is, maybe by count out or disqualification.


A. Santos: Mayhem Brannigan wins! That’s just…RIGHT.


Hub: Bryan Leo. I think Leo can pull off an upset here and finally put a W on his record.


John Wolfe: Bryan Leo. We gotta rebuild/re-establish the villain of PWR.



For the PWR Championship: Bombay Suarez vs Jake De Leon

Martin: Bombay will win this bout in a hard fought classic. The best storybook ending for Wrevolution X is that the “heart and soul of PWR” gets the gold.


A. Santos:  Even though I’m a bigger fan of Bombay myself, I’m picking JDL to win this match. I do want to note that they’re both respectable.


Hub: I’m picking JDL to win here because I’ve always been one to support the padawan over the mentor.


John Wolfe: JDL will win over Bombay.


Bogart the Explorer: I love both JDL and Bombay, but I gotta go for the anti-hero and with that, I gotta choose Bombay Suarez!


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Preview-Predictions-When-in-Manila-bogartBogart does his best Bombay Suarez pose, yeah!~


You’ve heard our picks, who do YOU wanna see win at PWR Wrevolution X? Hit us up on the comments below!


We would like to remind you guys that PWR Wrvolution X will be on May 23, 2015, 6:00PM, at the Makati Square Arena in Makati Cinema Square for only Php 250 per ticket. Join the revolution!


 WIM Pictures by: Hub Pacheco and Martin Vicencio