Practice Your Creativity with Nostos Contemporary Coloring Books

Nothing to do this summer? Or looking for a creative past time?
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Adult coloring books are making waves, and it is a perfect creative exercise. These are not just plain drawings that you have to fill in–the designs are very intricate and you can make hundreds of different looks with its designs. Nostos, this coloring book’s title, is from the Greek word meaning “homecoming” or the idea of returning home from a long journey. It also means “welcome home.”


Nostos is a contemporary coloring book by Paola Santiago Clarito. She is a self-taught artist who usually paints using traditional mediums like acrylic and oil. She then verged into making artwork with pencil, ink, colored pencils, etc.


The usual subject Paola draws are women and animals. Her works are usually whimsical, geometrical, and some mehndi–the designs you see on Indian wedding henna tattoos.


Nostos, according to Paola, is a collaboration between her and the creative child inside every person. You can add designs, doodle or even write some text in each page. Each color and stroke is a representation of your personality.

You can also use the blank pages to start an artwork from scratch.
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You have the freedom to use any medium and let your creativity run free. After which, you can detach each page and have it framed or give as gift to your friends.


Paola’s artwork has been featured on GMA News TV and Mars. She will also be published by Blue Star Coloring–a San Antonio based company that publishes the biggest selling coloring books in the United States.
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Nostos 2, which is focused on human figures, is also now available.


Nostos by Paola Santiago Clarito

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