Parts of Antarctica are turning green, literally, and here’s why

Parts of Antarctica are turning green, literally, and scientists are trying to find out why.

According to a study from the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey, this “green snow” is caused by rising temperatures.

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Climate change has caused algae to grow across the continent. The scientists said that this will continue as temperatures rise since it will create more of the slushy conditions the algae needs to thrive.

The researchers also created the first-ever large-scale map of microscopic algae as they bloom across the surface of the snow. Although these algae are microscopic, it turns vivid green as the continue to populate the continent.

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The researchers also pointed out that these algae influenced by the excrement of marine birds and mammals since it acts as a natural fertilizer. This green snow was also found in “warmer” areas of the Antarctic Peninsula.

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