The Sun is currently “asleep,” but here’s why we don’t have to worry

The Sun is probably one of the most important elements in our solar system. It constantly goes through changes, and we are currently experiencing one of its major ones.

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Right now, the Sun is going through a “Solar Minimum,” which means that the Sun is quieter and giving off less energy. The last time that this happened, the earth went through an Ice Age.

With this, many are worried that we might go through an Ice Again, but scientists say that this is unlikely.


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According to NASA, “The warming caused by the greenhouse gas emissions from the human burning of fossil fuels is six times greater than the possible decades-long cooling from a prolonged Grand Solar Minimum.”

This means that because of how the earth has warmed through human activity, it is unlikely that we will be experiencing another Ice Age. NASA said, “Even if a Grand Solar Minimum were to last a century, global temperatures would continue to warm.”

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