Scientists discover the nearest black hole to earth so far

Scientists have found the closest black hole to earth. According to a study from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the black hole is one thousand light-years from the earth. This makes it the nearest black hole to our solar system to date.

black hole


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In a press release, Petr Hadrava, Emeritus Scientist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague said, “We were totally surprised when we realized that this is the first stellar system with a black hole that can be seen with the unaided eye.”

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The press release also said that the team found evidence for the invisible object by tracking its two companion stars using the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. With this, they mention that this finding could just be the tip of the iceberg, as many more similar black holes can be found in the future.

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