NASA launches website that shows picture the Hubble Telescope took on your birthday

This year, NASA is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope’s arrival in orbit. Launched in 1990, NASA describes its launch and deployment as “the most significant advance in astronomy since Galileo’s telescope.”

nasa space hubble

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Initially, NASA had extensive plans to celebrate this milestone. Sadly, due to the current pandemic the world is facing right now, they had to cancel them.


But to make up for it, NASA came up with different ways to celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope’s anniversary. One of these is they launched a site where you can view what picture the Hubble took on your birthday. For reference, here’s mine (January 15):

nasa hires

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All you have to do is input the month and date of your birth and it will give you the picture, along with a short description of it. With the Hubble exploring the universe 24/7, NASA says that it has observed some fascinating cosmic wonder every day of the year, including your birthday.

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