Meet the New Filipino Action Hero That Never Dies!

Filipinos love action heroes; from Darna to Captain Barbell- and now we have a new one that has the greatest superpower.

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Whether it’s against great white sharks, twin anacondas, ninjas, or even an apocalyptic explosion, the Filipino Old Spice action hero will never die. If you think it’s about done, he rises from the ashes and shows off how Old Spice keeps him fresh, no matter the situation.

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Old Spice has always been known for having the funniest commercials and once again the men’s deodorant brand doesn’t disappoint. During these difficult times, the all-Filipino Old Spice commercial #TheSmellThatNeverDies brings much-needed entertainment and escapism. Straying away from the typical Filipino commercials, Old Spice Philippines produces its own take on the brand with this creative and funny storyline. With over 7million views on YouTube, it’s their quirkiest and most entertaining yet!

OS Smell That Never Dies Campaign Comments

The action-packed video features Filipino actor Victor Silayan as the ultimate action hero who can survive great adversities and never dies, thanks to his superpower Old Spice with its irresistible long-lasting scents. If body odor can kill, then the long-lasting scent of Old Spice’s Body Spray is man’s key to immortality. Beyond that, one of the Philippines’ most talented singers Frenchie Dy pops up in the most unexpected places – it truly is ridiculously funny!

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#TheSmellThatNeverDies could easily be the most memorable commercial of 2020! Feast your eyes and watch the video here. Trust us, this is a commercial you will never want to skip!

We may be staying at home now more than ever before, but whether you’re in a gaming marathon or doing a home workout – don’t forget to stay fresh! With Old Spice Body Spray, just one spray lasts all day, and it’s guaranteed your body, your family members, and the Old Spice team, will thank you! Get yourself to a store (online or offline) and have a sniff!


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“Hi there, I am Nico Bolzico, new Ambassador for Old Spice in the Philippines! Are you wondering what am I doing in the deep jungle, wearing only a towel, flexing, with two Pocholas entranced by the fragrant smell of my Kili kilis, Old Spice cans perfectly balancing in my biceps? Well, with Old Spice I have #TheSmellThatNeverDies, and trust me – I smell damn good, even Pochola agrees! PS: this picture is just a glance of what we are planning to do for Old Spice… I am currently pitching ideas and so far, whilst the team thinks they are awesome, they apparently constitute a safety risk: Jumping from a plane on a horse: apparently too dangerous despite the fact there is one parachute for the horse and one for me Wrestling with crocodiles whilst covered in chicken oil: team doesn’t believe that crocodiles are vegan Trip to the North Pole to take a picture hugging a polar bear: apparently polar bears are not as cuddly as they look I will keep you posted, but for now – go into a store and have a sniff of some Old Spice!”

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