LOOK: This Philippine-Singapore Partnership Opens Up More Job Opportunities for Filipinos!

Written by Aira Mae Parado

photo: Enterprise Singapore

Filipinos are world class.

When it comes to work performance, we are universally considered very competitive. We are wealthy in talent and skills, and that makes us more attractive to foreign investors.

Singapore, on the other hand, is globally recognized as one of the countries with fastest-growing economies. It is home to a lot of business enterprises, which makes it an ideal place for opportunity-seekers.

Now, opportunities present itself closer to Filipinos as Penbrothers partners with Enterprise Singapore’s Plug and Play Network:  the government agency that supports the growth of enterprises in Singapore. Singaporean startups and high-growth companies can now expand into the Philippine market with added convenience. They can now get access to the pool of exceptional talents in the country.

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Arron Parkinson, Founder of LevelUp on hiring talent in the Philippines

Penbrothers’ Managing Director Josef Werker says, “We continue to look for various ways to support Singapore companies enter new markets through the Philippines’ robust pool of talent. We are reinventing how Singapore companies scale and build their teams.

A great thing to start looking forward to! This is an exciting win-win partnership, as it will create more jobs for Filipinos, and will serve Singaporean companies with excellent talents and services, respectively.

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Penbrothers has been working with startups and enterprises from all over the world since 2014. They help them build and expand their teams with exceptional talent in the Philippines. They also offer vibrant office spaces which allow Filipinos to work for both foreign and local startups and enterprises. It currently has 8 offices in Manila, 90+ clients, and over 1000 employees.

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