Penbrothers: This is What Happy Employees Look Like

Written by Eia Collantes

A company is only as good as the people behind it.

Having happy employees has been proven to improve a company’s profitability as well as the employee’s productivity.

The team has been staying in Penbrothers since February, and one of the things we first noticed about Penbrothers is how happy the people in Penbrothers are. For those who aren’t familiar with Penbrothers, they are a company that offers innovative remote working options, manning and payroll solutions, and shared working spaces.

But Penbrothers is not just an average office, it’s a cool office. And it’s located in the OPL building at the heart of Makati–Philippine’s financial capital. We know Makati is an expensive city, so you might be expecting cramped cubicles and uncomfortable chairs. But Penbrothers is not that kind of office. The area is spacious and bright.


They have nitrogen infused cold brew coffee. They play beer pong and Jenga. They also have a monthly event called First Fridays. They do something cool every first Friday of the month. This can be a hip hop class, a yoga class, or a movie screening. They also have Welcome Wednesdays, where they tour new clients and new hires around the office and introduce them to everyone.

These events have proven to be effective, because the happiness of the people in Penbrotheres is just infectious.

We believe that startup owners and even team leaders can learn a thing or two from how Penbrothers keeps their employees and clients happy, so we interviewed the people there about what they like about the company. This list is a mix of Penbrothers employees and clients–those who rent spaces in Penbrothers.

Happy Penbrothers employees - Lucia Martin

Happy Penbrothers employees - louis from penbrothers

Happy Penbrothers employees - Joshua Visbal

Happy Penbrothers employees - Jami Agnis

Happy Penbrothers employees - Fiel Flameno

Happy Penbrothers employees - Emilio Real

Happy Penbrothers employees - caroline asunction

Happy Penbrothers employees - Bryan Hosingco

Happy Penbrothers employees - Yen Tenorio

Happy Penbrothers employees - Tom Sewell

Happy Penbrothers employees - Nina Kiezer

Happy Penbrothers employees - Luis Sarmenta

Penbrothers is definitely an office for people who want to balance fun and work. Looking for a fun co-working space that is as limitless as your ideas? Visit to know more!


Manning & Payroll Solutions, Co-working Space, Makati
100 C Palanca St, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
Phone: 0917 830 3606
Twitter: @thepenbrothers