LOOK: This is How Pinoy Kids Do the Uprock Hip-Hop Dance

Filipino talents are everywhere. We always have something to show and say in terms of music, arts, and pop culture.


This is a sample image of how uprock dance is done. (Photo credit: forumbiodiversity.com)

Such is this video that showcases Filipino kids getting down on one of the oldest dance routines in the hip-hop history: the rock dance or uprock.

Look at these kids breakdance!


According to the history of hip-hop, uprock or rocking is a soulful and competitive urban dance performed in synchronization to the beats and rhythms of soul, rock and funk music.

Watch how these kids do the b-boy shuffle. There are a lot of names to it, but for me, it looks like a b-boy shuffle! 🙂

NO fancy studio,jewelries,clothes! No arte pabebe facebook talking picture porma ish! ???? Straight up original hip hop Kalye style! Partida ndaw nka brip at yapak Panis!! ????????
Big shout out to Stance that this vid is being watched worldwide! these kids are so happy knowing that theyve been appreciated and getting praises but dont know that they’re making a big impact on the scene and so much inspiration to the old and the new!

by the way these are 3 of the many street kids we are teaching tru this project called Kapayapaan by our sas brother bboy mouse Ereson Catipon.

The video gained positive remarks with over 151, 842 views and counting!

We got served, hey!

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