AMAZING: This Filipino Singer Sounds Like STP’s Lead Vocalist!

When it comes to global recognition, Filipinos are no stranger. Our ubiquitous talent and attitude are well-accepted here and abroad. Such is this Filipino singer, John Borja, who is currently and reportedly in the US auditioning to be the next lead vocals of one of the best rock bands on earth, Stone Temple Pilots. 

Filipino singer auditions stone temple

Screenshot from John Borja’s YouTube Account

According to’s interview with John, he mentioned that it would be “his honor” to sing with the iconic rock band Stone Temple Pilots.

He also shared that replacing the late Scott Weiland is impossible and noted him as “irreplaceable” respectfully. Sadly, Weiland was found dead on his tour bus prior to a performance last December 2015, according to reports online.

Stone Temple Pilots is known for its remarkable songs like Plush, Creep, Sour Girl, just to name a few. The song, Plush, won numerous awards such as Best Hard Rock Performance in 1994,  Billboard Music Award for #1 Rock Song of The Year in 1993, and more!

What made this guy amazing, though, is he sounds exactly like Scott! Listen to his audition cover below:

And compare it to this original video:

Don’t they sound the same?

Ultimately, John also mentioned during his interview with that should he be chosen to join the band, he will always be grateful and proud to be a Filipino!

We wish you all the best, John!

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