LOOK: Teachers in Leyte Have to Climb Up Mountains Just to Send Requirements Online

It’s an easy mistake to take our teachers for granted. We tend to forget how many sacrifices they truly make for their students. In fact, sometimes we even resent them because there is an easy connotation to school and homework and grades. So we fail to appreciate the time they spend outside of class making up lesson plans, reaching out to students to guide them, and fulfilling paperwork.

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Some paperwork requirements might even ask teachers to go above and beyond what is asked — just like these teachers Leyte. Joseph Sumayang recently posted some photos showing a group of teachers from Libertad, Abuyog, Leyte who climbed up a mountain just so they could pass some paperwork by the deadline.

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They were working to send in their necessary forms and year-end reports to the Department of Education (DepEd) through an email in order to fulfill their requirements. Unfortunately, the closest area with strong enough signal for them to connect to the internet was up on a mountain. Obviously, nothing would stop these teachers from getting the job done!

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Joseph’s post read:

Sa makataan-aw ani nga picture, tabangi intawon ninyo nga magka-signal ang Brgy. Libertad, Abuyog, Leyte kay ang mga maestra sa atong eskuylahan kinahanglan pa muadto sa pungkay aron makasagap og signal, maka-internet aron mkapasa sa reports nga kinahanglan. Daghang Salamat.

[To those who will see these photos, please help us so that wireless network connection can be accessible in Brgy. Libertad, Abuyog, Leyte because our teachers here would have to climb up mountains just to connect to the internet so they can submit reports. Thank you!]

Joseph’s wife, Melbie Joy, explained to Rappler:

[Dili lalim. Inig start sa klase, magpasa ug forms. Naa pay mga urgent submissions. Inig undang sa klase, magpasa na pud og forms. Way signal diri sa baryo. Mubaktas pa mi mangitag signal. Pag-abot sa pungkay sa bukid, mukatkat pa og puno aron isang-it ang pocket wi-fi. Kana, maka-send na mi.

It’s not easy. At the start of the school year, we need to send forms. Apart from urgent submissions, we need to send reports again at the end of the school year. Network service is unavailable in the community so we have to climb up the top of the mountain to search for connection. At times, we need to climb up trees to hang our pocket wi-fi kits. That is how we send reports.]

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Several comments on the various Facebook posts about these teachers laud them for their commitment to their jobs and their resourcefulness. They showed true perseverance in the face of obstacles. It fuelled the call of netizens for an increase in teacher’s salary, especially for teachers under DepEd.

Other comments talked about how this shows there is a need for better systems and infrastructures to be implemented in areas outside of Metro Manila. They say that no one, especially teachers, should be deprived of access to connection and networks when being used for the purpose of education.

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Photos courtesy of Joseph Sumayang