INSPIRING: This teacher writes notes on desks to motivate students

Studying is hard, and oftentimes, we all need that extra boost.

And that extra boost is truly meaningful if it came from someone like our teachers.

Although our teachers do their best to keep us inspired in school, this teacher is doing a little extra by writing notes on the desks of students to motivate them before an exam.

Chandni Langford, a fifth-grade teacher at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in New Jersey, recently wrote personalized uplifting messages on her students’ desks, The Huffington Post reports.

She does this to give an extra shot of motivation. She calls them “#growthmindset” messages.

Photos of her notes written on students’ desks were posted by Woodbury City Public Schools via Facebook.

The photos are a couple of years old but we do hope these notes really helped out those students.

The notes may be erased but they will live on in minds of the students who read them.

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