LOOK: These Cakes Have Chocolate and Liquor in Them – and They’re DELICIOUS!

Calling all my fellow chocolate lovers and my fellow alcohol lovers in the Philippines! I just found the best thing you could possibly find in the world of desserts: cakes with chocolate and alcohol in them! Yes, my friend; this beautiful holy grail exists!

Maricar’s Chocoliquor Cakes offers rich and decadent chocolate cakes with delicious red wine in them. The first time I tried this, it was actually so good, I ate it right out of the tin case that it came in. Fortunately, the cake is soft and easy to half, so it was convenient to eat it that way.

Plus, it’s fun to eat it that way, in general. If you’re sharing it with your friends and family (which I hope you are because that’s still a cake and that’s still quite a few calories haha), it’s much like a can of ice cream where everyone just digs in and shares away!

There is no need to worry about getting drunk off of these cakes, either, because each cake only has 2% alcohol in it. Its main purpose, after all, isn’t to get you drunk, but to enhance the flavor of the chocolate – which is exactly what this cake does. In fact, the alcohol content is so low that even kids can eat it! (But let’s not let them do that… more for us, please! :p) Despite the low alcohol content, though, you can definitely still taste the alcohol in there – and it does not disappoint!

We were told that a lot of kids and moms have enjoyed these cakes, though. The owner even asked an OB once and after she tried the cake and learned about the baking process; she said that it is safe for pregnant women (but only after the 1st trimester, to be super sure). Of course, as all responsible OBs would recommend, she said to remind the moms to ask their own doctors first for clearance for not only the liquor, but for the caffeine and sugar found in all chocolate cakes. Safety first!

Take note that the cakes will need to be stored in a refrigerator (not a freezer), though they can also stand being in an airconditioned room (of 27C or cooler) for up to 8 hours. Of course, as with all cakes, they are best consumed on the day that you get them.

Ideally, you should eat the cake after 30 to 45 minutes after taking it out of the fridge in order to get the full flavor of it. This will still depend on your personal preference, though. Overall, the cooler the cake is, the firmer and less sweet it tastes.

Overall, we’d highly recommend getting some of these cakes, whether as gifts or for yourself. The experience on its own is well worth it. 🙂

Maricar’s Chocoliquor Cakes

Instagram: @chocoliquorcakes

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