Four Leaf Spa: Get a Free Massage on Your Birth Month

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My lower back has been hurting for a couple of days now. It’s probably because I work a full-time job in an office, where I’m sitting down for almost eight hours a day. I try my best to walk around every now and then to loosen up my muscles, but there are times when all I want to do is lie down to avoid worsening my back pain.

My mom is a huge fan of getting massages. When something hurts, she knows what to do. The moment I felt my lower back pain, I knew I badly needed a massage. Unfortunately, I’m very OC when it comes to massage spas and masseurs, so I can’t just go anywhere.

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Luckily, I found a hidden gem in Tomas Morato with massage services that pass my standards. Upon entering their place, I instantly felt at ease, thanks to their well-lit lobby, clean façade, and friendly staff. I personally checked all of the massage rooms before availing their services, as well, just to be sure that my OC self would be satisfied.

Upon entering the service area, I immediately noticed the comfy seats for their foot spa/massage services. It has a clean and cool look to it with just the right shade of green, which is pleasing to the eyes.

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Walking further inside, my friend and I were in awe by how spacious the place is because it doesn’t look that spacious from the outside. After I peeked into one of their massage rooms, I knew that this spa was going to exceed my expectations. They have eight intimate massage rooms that are perfect for those who value their privacy.

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They also have a couple room for couples to get massages in together. Aside from the rooms, they also have a shower area for those who want to get a body scrub.

They also offer ‘Pampering Packages’ and I chose to try out their Four Leaf Buttocks and 2-in-1 Body Scrub.

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I absolutely love this package. Ate Mylene, my masseur/attendant, applied the 2-in-1 body scrub first; it is lotion-based and made out of coffee, and its goal is to whiten and soften the skin. Its vanilla and coffee scent reminds me of my favorite frappuccino. My friend chose to try the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, which smells like bubblegum.

After rinsing the main salt scrub, you’ll get scrubbed with honey to complement the salt’s dryness with some moisture. You will then be asked to take a shower before proceeding with the hour-long massage.

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I usually prefer medium to hard pressure during my massages and Ate Mylene got the perfect rhythm down. The highlight of my whole experience was how Ate Mylene massaged my lower back. I cannot explain how relaxing that experience was.

The Four Leaf Buttocks massage is a full body massage, but it focuses on the lower back and buttocks. It is perfect for working people like me who spend their days sitting on a chair. According to Patrick, one of the owners of the spa, this massage is one of their specialties – one that people keep coming back for.

Four Leaf purposely made it a point to offer something different from the traditional Thai massages that most spas offer. Their bestseller is the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi.

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Aside from different body massages, they also have foot spas that are just as relaxing.

The hands-on owners of Four Leaf Spa are the couple Audrey Wong-Sison and Patrick Sison. According to them, the two-year-old spa recently relocated to Tomas Morato from Annapolis, making the spa more accessible to those who want to try out their services.

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They also offer a promo for birthday celebrants. All you have to do is go to Four Leaf Spa during your birth month and bring one full-paying companion to get a free 1-hour massage. Just make sure you bring your ID when you visit.

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I promise that Four Leaf is well worth the trip because even up until the day after my massage, I still felt relaxed and at ease.

Four Leaf Spa

727-4681 / 0921 998 7488

2F Metrofocus Bldg., 42 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City