Hummingbird: The Newest Roofdeck Bar in Tomas Morato is Finally Open!

Tomas Morato can be quite a rowdy street. Its nightlife provides an avenue for people to eat, drink, and be merry. However, you can actually find a hidden sanctuary in the heart of this lively area, and it’s at Hummingbird.

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Hummingbird is the newest roof deck bar located at the Stone House Bed and Breakfast. Its theme is in line with nature, giving the whole place a garden-like setting that will make you feel far from the urban scenario. They got the inspiration from nature and named it as such because they wanted the place to be as rare, beautiful, and always surprising as an actual hummingbird.  

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Rightfully so because it is, indeed, a special place. It’s probably the first of its kind in the area because, in contrast with other bars, their ambiance offers a peek to the chiller side of Tomas Morato. It’ll make your time with your friends even more enjoyable with its beautiful view, groovy tunes, and affordable drinks and bar chow.  

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And if you think that all roof deck bars are expensive, this one really isn’t. Despite the classy interior, you can get a draft beer for just PHP 120.00! They also have cocktails  for only PHP 89.00, so that doesn’t leave you with just beers and hard liquors.   

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Soju (PHP 299.00) is also available in Hummingbird. With its hype nowadays, it’s surely one of their best-sellers. Just note that they have this cocktail called Sydney Soju which has soju, Yakult, and lime—a perfect combination for just PHP 89.0— so it can be an alternative for the actual Soju if that’s a bit pricey for you.  

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For their bar chows, they were definitely perfect complements to the drinks they serve. Their Wanton Nachos (PHP 165.00) and Spicy Cauliflower (PHP 175.00) are big enough to be shared by three people. For their Grilled Skewers, Bacon with Jus (PHP 150.00), Chicken Tandoori with cucumber aioli, and Tofu in tare (PHP 105.00), it can be enjoyed by two people. If you do the math and share the bill with your friends, it’s truly not going to hurt your wallet.  

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Our favorite was the Bacon with Jus grilled skewers. And for the drinks, the Engkanto lager (PHP 120.00) and Garden Sangria (PHP 89.00) are just right.  

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From time to time, they would also get DJs and live bands to perform at the roofdeck; you might want to watch out for those days! As of now, you can keep checking their Facebook page for announcements.  

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For your next hohol (hang out hang out lang) with your friends, be one of the firsts to try Hummingbird; it’ll be a night out you’re going to like!  



1315 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Hummingbird-PH-1861644590526098/ 
Instagram: @hummingbirdph