Food Trip Alert: 5 New Restaurants to Try in BF Homes, Parañaque

Aside from Kapitolyo, Jupiter and Maginhawa. People have been raving about Aguirre, BF Homes Parañaque, as one of our top food streets, When In Manila. Of course everyone has heard of Mang Rauls, Mama Lou’s and all the raves about The Girl and The Bull but we’ve recently scoured the streets of BF Homes to try out the new restaurants that the South has to offer.


Yes, if your last visit to the south was God knows when, as a BF Homes resident editor, I got you covered on the sprouting new spots in the South:

5. Kantori Yakitori:


Just a month old, located at the old Gourmet’s Charbroiled (Phase 1) unit, it had big shoes to fill. “Kantori” which literally means “Kanto” (around the corner) and a place in Japan, is proud of their Yakitori (Japanese style of grilling or ihaw-ihaw)



With a range of sumptuous Yakitoris from the humble isaw (pork intestines) to high end rib eyes, Beer cocktail concoctions, whiskey tasting fleet, Kantori Yakitori promises to satisfy family dinners to after-work yuppies eager to relax and have a quiet place to talk.


We highly recommend our favorites: Tofu Tempura (served with an injection of taro sauce inside), Sushi Fireballs (With nori and japanese mayo with caviar), Shitake Mushrooms (with garlic confit) and Kimchi Fried Rice (Yes, even their rice is a show stealer)



Do not leave without trying their: Isaw (meticulous cleaning, blanching, grilling and torching with japanese caviar mayo on top) and Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake base with a layer of bacon that we wanted seconds of!)



If you’re down for some alcohol, the Kantori Yakitori way, have some of their Beer-garitas (Beer Margarita served with authentic Japanese Asahi beer which is good for 2), Japanese Whiskey Fleet (For the whiskey beginners, we highly recommend but for the experts, you may purchase a bottle for an affordable price compared to other overpriced restos) and if you’re feeling adventurous try their Maple Bacon Sake (Yes, with real bacon, strangely weird and very good)

Why do we like it: Kantori Yakitori is proudly unauthentic and we love how unpretentious their food is. Very good service, nice ambiance, quiet for long talks. They turned simple yakitoris into well thought off concepts for everyone to enjoy.

P10005672-side #51 Unit D Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes ;
Friday-Saturday 5PM-2AM; Other days: 5PM-12AM; Monday Closed

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